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How can Omni's agree with this?!

Conventional Slaughter Methods

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Scuba-addict Scuba-addict United Kingdom Posts: 107
1 2 Dec 2011
Conventional methods-

Cattle- Captive bolt gun
Sheep- Electrocution
Poultry- Electrocution by being dipped in water with electrical current/Suffocation with C02
Pigs- Bolt gun, Electrocution or suffocation with C02
Fish- Suffocation

And these are 'humane' and 'animal friendly'? Crazy world.....just crazy.

NO, NO THEY ARE NOT! They are awful. Why can people not see this?  What for a burger that lasts 5 minutes....some chunks of chicken in a curry that would be perfectly satisfcatory with just veggies....gah. Utterly insane.

Sorry, needed a rant. Put this on my facebook. Will probably wake up to either -nothing as no one wants to face this problems or a torrade of abuse for making them realise these problems exist. Joyous.

Damn I love that I don't eat meat anymore. But I wish others wouldn't either sad

BBC news page about this-

Alyssa Alyssa VIC Posts: 296
2 2 Dec 2011
Don't worry. We all need to rant sometimes. happy
It really is a crazy world though. It's completely insane and frustrating.  I find I have to push the reality to the back of my mind for the most part otherwise I would either not get out of bed, or just start going berserk at people. But at the same time, and as hard as it is knowing about the horrors animals face, it really reinforces my beliefs and encourages me to be as active as I can for them.
The small victories are what makes it worth it.

Spacepeanut Spacepeanut QLD Posts: 120
3 2 Dec 2011
I had a friend post a remark on my FB wall just the other day (she tagged me in it too), informing me that she was about to chow down on a nice, juicy steak. She then justified it by telling me it was treated humanely from paddock to plate (she's a farm girl born and raised), yada yada. She's one of my best pals, and though I know it was meant as a joke on her behalf because she's not a malicious person, it was uncalled for and it pissed me off.
I wasn't nasty in my response, but I made my vegan reasoning clear, then informed her I was enjoying a scrummy, non-murdered Sanitarium 'Not' burger. I then P.S.'d with 'YOUR a cow, and therefore that makes you a cannibal'.

Some people just don't seem to understand the meaning of the word 'humane', and it's all the more frustrating when those people are the ones closest to you.

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
4 2 Dec 2011
hah don't worry i constantly fight with people over facebook over this subject..
literally for the past two days i have been in a "debate" with people because i posted an angry status that said
"don't ever say you love animals if you eat them,
that's like me saying i love people but being a serial killer"

obviously.. carnists did not like that
i got abused, but i have a fair few vegans on there that agreed and backed me up (thankfully)
i did not insult anyone, all i did was say the truth and every point they put forward
i smashed out of the park with logic.
once we got past the normal "but we were made to eat meat" "if we didn't eat meat the world would starve" "being vegetarian makes you sick"

there was a girl whom i was best friends with in high school, it hit a nerve because she thinks she does heaps for animals.. obviously influenced by her mother (whom i later got into an argument with after she posted a nasty status about me)

she said "i get my meat from a halal butcher" and i sourced her information from a person who used to work in a halal slaughterhouse...
as the "debate" progressed, she turned to personal insults..

it didn't really bother me, because i haven't seen her in years.
i do understand why people can't handle the truth, she obviously knew i was right and was just grabbing any excuse to prove me wrong.
but even if she did find one flaw in my argument, that wouldn't mean she won...
and to turn to personal insults.. then being childish and posting a status calling me a crazy vegan b*itch
well i'd rather be crazy vegan and a female dog, than a selfish human.

sorry, haha it just really makes me so mad

"oh i save puppys and kittys so that means i can eat other innocent animals"
AGHHHH /anger over

keep up the fight guys, veganism is about raising awareness and calling people out on their hypocrisy.
if people hate you for telling the truth
who gives a damn?
we are doing the right thing happy

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 4 Dec 2011
Because they aren't born to debate the methods in place.... they live day by day eating what is there??

They want to worry less about the ISSUE and just do the norm?

So it isn't a matter of AGREE or DISAGREE

this is solely the perspective of specialist types of people..

like NINJAS!!

vote for me, Casper< me