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Mayonaise in sushi?

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Betheney Betheney VIC Posts: 24
1 5 Dec 2011
So i love avocado sushi from my local sushi place except i always thought it seemed a little creamy. Then today when i got to the bottom of the roll there was a blob of something whiteish poking out the bottom, it looked like mayonaise but when i tasted it i couldn't really tell what i was tasting. I didn't ask the shop owners as there is a bit of a language barrier. lol


2 5 Dec 2011
it would be japanese mayonnaise.
You need to ask them to make it without mayo.

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
3 5 Dec 2011
HAHA!! Yeah, there is not a lot of sushi where they don't use mayonaise.  I got caught on it too because i love the stuff but i don't eat it anymore or get them to make it fresh x0x0

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
4 5 Dec 2011
it would be japanese mayonnaise.
Which, for the purposes of clarification and future reference, is also called 'kewpie'. Man I loved that stuff... oh well, soy mayo tastes awesome too!

Betheney Betheney VIC Posts: 24
5 5 Dec 2011

I wonder if they would mind making it fresh for me. I hate being an annoying customer. With any luck my brother in law bought me the Sush Ezi for christmas and i'll start make it more often from home. I tried making it with the rolling mat thing and it was pretty crappy looking. lol

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
6 5 Dec 2011
I avoid those Sushi rolls these days and only get Sushi from Simply Sushi as they make it for you on the spot...

So I get Avocado with Mango reverse roll...

but just talk to them and get them to make you one up with NO mayo they would be happy to...

I am still suspect of the common sushi fast food roll.

>-  <

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
7 5 Dec 2011
Im so glad you posted about this, I too thought my sushi was tasting creamy but I asked the shop owners and they said no mayonaise was in it!
I hope they didnt understand me rather than just lie to me.

Betheney Betheney VIC Posts: 24
8 5 Dec 2011
Everytime i inspected the roll closer it didn't look like there was anything in it, anything that was creamy seemed to just be a bit of avocado that had gone a little mushed, if it wasn't for the blob sticking out the bottom i would of had no idea.

i did discover my 1 year old daughter LOVES sushi, watching her rip into it was SOOO CUTE!!!

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
9 6 Dec 2011
My bf was a big sushi eater and had to stop once going vegan because of the mayo they use.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
10 6 Dec 2011
It's caught me out too! Originally, I thought it was white goo from the rice (nice, haha!), then saw a big dollop of the stuff at the bottom and realised it was mayo! Eck!

I've found it varies between sushi joints so if you see anything creamy, don't eat it. All the sushi joints I've been to have been happy to make me one w/o mayo.

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