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Shepherds pie

nom nom nom nom

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Betheney Betheney VIC Posts: 24
1 5 Dec 2011
I wanted to share this shepherds pie recipe with you all, it was originally a vegetarian one that i tweeked to make vegan

It was really really easy to make as it's basically just tinned lentils, tinned tomatoes, vegies and potato basically and its just one of those meals that wouldn't be hard to throw together but is still nutritional. I know it's going to become a weekly regular at my place.
It's a PDF and takes a bit to load
check here if it doesn't load

I obviously didn't put cheddar cheese on the top or in the mash
My mash consisted of only sweet potatoe and a tablespoon of nuttelex (vegan marg) i wasn't sure how soy milk would go with sweet potatoe so left milk out entirely. I also used Sweet potato because A. I like it better and B. It was all i had in my pantry. But if i made it again i would still use sweet potato, it made it extra yummy.
Also i don't grow rosemary and wasn't buying it fresh cause it's a rip off so i added 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary and then probably 1/2 a teaspoon to decorate on top.
I used diced tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes (no idea if they're different)
I also left out the nutmeg (as i forgot about it)
I also ADDED 1 cup of frozen peas and corn which was really nice and gave the pie extra yumminess so i advise everyone else to do this or to chuck in whatever veges are in your fridge/freezer.


tonijosephine tonijosephine VIC Posts: 80
2 5 Dec 2011
I put soy milk in my mash for shepherds pie - goes fine happy
It's ridiculously delish isn't it! Thanks for sharing with everyone.

Betheney Betheney VIC Posts: 24
3 5 Dec 2011
tonijosephine said:
I put soy milk in my mash for shepherds pie - goes fine happy
It's ridiculously delish isn't it! Thanks for sharing with everyone.
I couldn't beleive how good it was with such a simple list of ingredients!! nothing exotic or expensive or that came from a hidden section in a hidden dinky little health food store.

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
4 6 Dec 2011
Recipe printed.. plan to try it out ASAP. wink I have made shepherds pie with a different recipe before... really was delish. mad keen on trying this one though! Thanks for the post! peace

Betheney Betheney VIC Posts: 24
5 8 Dec 2011
Made a second batch and it wasn't as nice and i couldn't figure out why until i realised i didn't eat it with tomato sauce! once i added a bit of tomato sauce it was perfect again!!

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
6 9 Dec 2011
Oh momma, that looks GOOD.

It is on my list of things to make. happy