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Going about it the right and wrong way

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Ballpoint Ballpoint SA Posts: 46
1 11 Dec 2011
Today was the first time I was a bit embarrassed to be a veg*n and believe in animal rights and for me to be embarrassed it takes a bit.

I work at Woolworths so every now and then (pretty rarely to tell the truth) we do get a customer that comes in and will make comments about the animals not needing to die or how poorly they get treated which I agree with them 100% and that normally throws them off a bit but today we had a customer come in and he requested to speak the the duty manager, the person in charge for those who don't know, and was asking questions like do you know if this pig had been probed or if it was beaten with a hammer etc. so that when he bought it he knew it had been treated well. Not too sure if he was a veg*n or just for animal rights.

I thought those questions were a bit odd but whatever, everyone has their ways of going about it and I'm not going to stop someone trying to spread the word about animal cruelty, but then after that they started blaming the manager they were speaking to saying it is his fault that they get treated so poorly and that he is disgusting for being able to morally sell meat and he went on for over 45 minutes talking poorly to the manager as if he took the pig by the snout and beat it to death personally.

After he left the store the manager came over to me and a few other work mates and started giving us a bit of cheek about the products we were standing near and if they had been made animal friendly ways and if not they he hopes we feel guilty about it. I'm one of those staff that will do my job without saying boo but if you get on my wrong side I will argue until you either shut up or fire me if I believe in it but I didn't even want to stick up for the guy, you don't come into a supermarket and practically abuse a manager because of how they get their products...

By all means if you have a complaint about Woolworths I would more than happily have a conversation about it but it will never change no matter what you say to me. The customer has such a powerful voice in comparison to the employee if they aren't complete idiots about it. Lodge a complaint, start a petition or whatever you please but tying up a worker for a long period of time is going to have no impact at all in regard to the subject at hand, if anything it will please the worker because they will be getting paid just to stand around talking.