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Tips On Becoming Vegan Or Vegetarian

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fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe VIC Posts: 32
1 17 Dec 2011
Hello Are You Having Trouble Going vegan vegetarian? well here are just some of the many tips on becoming vegetarian/vegan
1. Tell your parents that you want to go vegan.
2. look online possibly even this site for vegan foods.
3. every now and then eat the food.
4. try your hardest not to eat meat and eat the vegan food.
5.then once you are capable of eating vegan foods instead of meat you can start just eating vegan foods.
6. then you are vegan!.
or if you want to be vegetarian look up foods for vegetarians vegetarians can eat egg ,cheese and dairy products they can also drink milk.
vegans cant eat eggs cheese or dairy products they cant have milk either they can have soy and rice milk tho and a lot of other stuff!

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
2 17 Dec 2011
Or go cold turkey!

fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe VIC Posts: 32
3 17 Dec 2011
Whats That supposed to mean?

Scuba-addict Scuba-addict United Kingdom Posts: 107
4 17 Dec 2011
Lars said:
Or go cold turkey!

The best way to become veggie is to just not eat meat all. Go watch Earthlings and you won't ever get tempted to eat it again!

As for vegan, thats quick a bit harder (BUT AMAZING-ER!) and requires patience, a-lot of research and sacrifice. I am not going vegan but am aiming for 'cruelty free' (Even though i've heard about the 'egg' debate for a long time I don't have a problem consuming PROPER free range eggs tongue) so will never be vegan happy But I am in the 'inbetweeny' stage right now. Don't eat butter/milk but icecream, butter/milk  IN things aka cakes and cheese are tough....chocolate...god dam so many things.

So for vegan either go cold turkey or do it like I am. One phase at a time. Next step for me is cutting out all form of cream. Ice cream, whipped cream. All of it. Theres some amazing soya icecreams out there happy

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
5 17 Dec 2011
Connor - cold turkey means to do something completely straight away so instead of cutting back and eventually quitting meat the person would just stop straight away immediately. Whilst I'm all for going cold turkey! I do believe it can be a little daunting for people, I guess in the end whatever works!!  Ohhhhh and we just got our own ice-cream maker - I can't wait to try it out!! Yuuumm home made guilt free vegan ice-cream , I hope it's easy!! happy  might have to start a thread on ice-cream once I've tried it a few times

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
6 17 Dec 2011
Lars said:
Or go cold turkey!
Cold tofurkey. wink

Leila9 Leila9 QLD Posts: 49
7 23 Dec 2011
Lars said:
Or go cold turkey!
I agree. I went cold turkey 9months ago, and haven't looked back. best thing i ever did.
AND I used to love meat, i was completely omni and went straight onto a vegan diet. people dont realise how easy eating vegan is these days. happy