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Favorite Vegan Food

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fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe VIC Posts: 32
1 18 Dec 2011
Hello Connor here just wondering what is your favorite vegan food?
I would love to hear all the different ideas if you want you can even post the recipes below in the comments.

le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
2 18 Dec 2011
i know it's terrible but my favourite food is baked beans. like, from a can tongue
but i make an apricot tofu thing which i find quite nice.
i use a can of apricot nectar, a sachet of french onion soup, tofu, and rice.
cut the tofu into squares and fry it up, while the rice is cooking.
take the tofu out of the frying pan and turn the hot plate down to low heat.
it's probably preferrable to drain excess oil from the pan before adding the nectar and french onion soup (to simmer).
once it's thickened enough, add the tofu back in until the rice has finished cooking.
then eat >:3

i make a fried rice too, with soy-marinated tofu, rice (obviously) and vegetables ecstatic
for the marinade i use whatever i have handy; usually soy sauce, garlic, a bit of syrup of some description and stuff. i let it marinate for a few hours, then fry it. then while the rice is cooking i chop up whatever vegetables i want (cabbage, onion, celery, blah blah blah) and fry it too. then i just add the rice once everything is ready, and sometimes a bit more soy sauce if needed.

sorry if that doesn't make too much sense, lol, but feel free to try if you want tongue

fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe VIC Posts: 32
3 18 Dec 2011
Mmmmmm sound's nice I will try it  tongue

fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe VIC Posts: 32
4 18 Dec 2011
my fav food is homemade pizza. spelt base with tomato topping, basil, mushies, garlic and cheezley.

fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe VIC Posts: 32
5 18 Dec 2011
Sorry My Mum was meant to write this it is ''NOT'' me.

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
6 18 Dec 2011
Lentil puffs.
4 sheets of defrosted borgs vegan pastry, each sheet cut into 9 little squares.
1 can of Sanitarium gravy lentils mixed with nooch, diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, and whatever other veggies I feel like putting in.
Spoon about a teaspoon onto each little pastry square, fold up the square, cook in the oven, eat.

My kids love helping me make these, and they love eating them more.

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
7 18 Dec 2011
Toasted sandwich with Notarella.
No that's not just because I work for them XD it's the ultimate comfort food.

Sunshine Sunshine VIC Posts: 11
8 18 Dec 2011
Does fruit salad count? =)

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
9 18 Dec 2011
Umm... Oreos  ashamed
And vegan dads recipe for mac and cheeze, it's better then any of that mac and real cheese. And any sort of curry lol

fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe VIC Posts: 32
10 19 Dec 2011
''Yes it does.''

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