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Tassie Represent

Just a few things

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JMort JMort VIC Posts: 248
1 22 Dec 2011
Heyyyy guys,

I know we haven't even passed Christmas yet (Tasmania time) but I thought I'd give everyone here a bit of a heads up about some things going down in the first half of 2012 so you have something to think about.

- AACT recently held a protest outside Grizzly Hats stall in Salamanca about their use of fur and they've gotten the Hobart City Council involved to put more pressure on the owner. So I dunno, if you were perhaps intending to write to the council at all about fur, but maybe in the next few weeks would be an opportune time to really send them the message that Hobart doesn't want fur, while they are already thinking about it.

- Rodeo season has already gotten underway in Tas, but there are quite a few more coming up in Ulverstone (21st Jan), Harveydale (26th Jan), Ross (4th Feb) and Preston (24th March).

- A bit later down the track the highly-publicised duck shooting season begins (10/3-11/6)..yuck. In addition to AA's unrivalled coverage, check out a local take on the issue -

- Just after that kicks off the slaughter of shearwaters begins (31/3-15/4).

- Then after that the Quail has it's turn (28/4 - 27/5). Bonus - the quail hunt now extends into the South again (without public consultation) due to an increase in numbers. Nice one Tassie, can't have those numbers getting too high.

- When they feel up to it, the Parliament will be discussing the plight of battery hens in the next few months and a campaign is already in planning to coincide with this.

So that's just a taste of the campaigns that are coming up in Tassie over the next few months. This is in addition to the issues that come up on the spot (like MONA deciding goldfish in a shallow bowl with a knife in it is 'art').

Feel free to write a letter or get involved with any campaigns. Any help is appreciated.

PS - sorry about some of the website being slightly out of date with Ministers, our new website was meant to be launched already but has been slightly delayed. All general info still relevant.

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed TAS Posts: 986
2 22 Dec 2011
Thanks Jack. Also in Tassie I think Vegetarian Tasmania is planning a Christmas Eve picnic.

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
3 22 Dec 2011
I would love to get involved with these campaigns, particularly the fur, duck shooting and battery hen campaigns. I guess I'll start by writing to the council about Grizzly Hats. happy

TofuUnleashed, they seem to have removed the picnic event from their website? But I saw it on there about a week ago, and liked the sound of it.

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed TAS Posts: 986
4 22 Dec 2011
Yeah sorry, I just read my emails properly and they have cancelled it. Ah well.

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
5 23 Dec 2011
ive sent off a letter to lara giddings regarding the duck shooting - that is so horrible.
am happy to help wherever else i can!

JKM JKM TAS Posts: 58
6 23 Dec 2011
I would love to start getting involved. Thanks for the info!

JMort JMort VIC Posts: 248
7 31 Dec 2011
Aight sweet!

I'll keep the campaign updates coming as they come up, but if you'd like further info on how you can help out or even just join a leafletting day and meet a lot more likeminded people e-mail me at:

or catch me on Facebook at

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
8 19 Jan 2012
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so I apologise if it's not.

I heard that Vegetarian Tasmania are holding a vegan potluck picnic at Risdon Brook dam on Sunday 22 January, around 12pm. I'll be in the area, so I might drop by, if I can, and hopefully meet some Tasmanian Unleashers?