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Carmine / cochineal - to eat or not to eat?

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ReNe3 ReNe3 VIC Posts: 52
1 11 May 2009
carmine/cochinal  is used as a fabric and cosmetics dye and as a natural food colouring.

There are two principal forms of cochineal dye: cochineal extract is a colouring made from the raw dried and pulverised bodies of insects, and carmine is a more purified colouring made from the cochineal.

It takes about 155,000 insects to make one kilogram of cochineal.

read the labels people!

Rainbow Fox Rainbow Fox QLD Posts: 91
2 11 May 2009
How do you know if it was used to dye the fabric that you are wearing>?<


RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
3 11 May 2009
Hmm good question Rainbow Fox. I know to stay away from any food that is coloured red, but I've never thought about red clothing....

Lucky for me I dislike red and therefore own nothing red happy

PS: Love your hat in your avatar happy

Rainbow Fox Rainbow Fox QLD Posts: 91
4 12 May 2009
happy It is a marvelous hat.

Red things... I don't wear red much as it clashes with my red hair...

And I don't drink red cordial...

The Almighty Heatherzilla The Almighty Heatherzilla VIC Posts: 70
5 12 May 2009
That is a very awesome hat.

And for those trying to avoid cochineal/carmine, not all red foods are coloured with it. There are a lot of red food colourings that are vegan.

Cochineal is listed on ingredients lists as 120 or E120.