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Nutritional yeast (savoury yeast flakes)

Where do you find this stuff in Adelaide???

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Ashurii Ashurii SA Posts: 27
1 29 Dec 2011
I've been looking around my local area for some and so far and have had no luck. Can anyone tell me where to find some? -Also, if you have tried it before, does it really taste like cheese?

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
2 29 Dec 2011
I don't think it tastes like cheese... though can add some flavour to white sauce to make it ..more cheesey I guess...

Have you looked in health food shops? Other than that there are online vegan stores, sorry I'm not from your state so I don't know of any shops personally. sad

Ashurii Ashurii SA Posts: 27
3 30 Dec 2011
I've tried a few health shops and they don't have it. One told me they get it from overseas and won't be getting it in for a while sad I guess I'll have to keep looking.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 30 Dec 2011
Have you tried the larger chain health food shops that are located inside shopping centres? They generally have it.

If not then you could try buying online:
If you order now then you should get it by next week.

I don't think it tastes exactly like cheese, but it does make for a nice cheese substitute in recipes like mac n' cheese and lasagne.

Spacepeanut Spacepeanut QLD Posts: 120
5 30 Dec 2011
I found savoury yeast flakes at one of our local health food shops, and I used it with one of Isa Chandra Moskowitz's 'cheesy sauce' recipes. To be honest, I didn't think it tasted cheesy at all though.
I think cheap curry powder does a better job, both in colour and taste.

Arkadia Arkadia SA Posts: 11
6 10 Jan 2012
I'm from Adelaide and looked EVERYWHERE for nutritional yeast - didn't wanna pay $10 shipping, aka $20 for a small bag of nutritional yeast.

I looked all over the market, a bunch of different health food stores and in maybe 8 different supermarkets. No nutritional yeast.

Finally, while visiting my grandparents on Hindmarsh Island, I stopped by a health food store in the Victor Harbor central plaza thingy -- lo and behold, there was Lotus Nutritional Yeast! I had a freak out and did lots of fist pumping. $12. I bought two. I'll have to go back and get a ton more though.

If you live way far away from Victor and have no reason to visit there, you might be better off ordering online. Otherwise, at least you know it's there (by the way, look really closesly -- I looked for it in the store, didn't see it, assumed they didn't have it, and then my boyfriend found it as I was leaving... that means it's possible I've walked past it in other places too).

I'm going to continue looking for a place to buy it somewhere closer to home, so I'll keep you posted if I find any.

Mazzakat Mazzakat SA Posts: 103
7 10 Jan 2012
They sell it at Bliss Organics Cafe and also At Foods For Life at Gawler Place in the city.

Seraah Seraah SA Posts: 11
8 15 Oct 2012
Hi, you  posted this a while ago so I hope you see this. I have bought it many times from the health shop in burnside village shopping centre.
They also sell it in a health store in the city, I think off the top of my head it's in gawler place.
and even though you don't want to buy online sell it and ship for free in Adelaide with orders of $60 or more - this may be a way of getting it without shipping cost, just buy a few extra products from them instead that you would normally buy from the supermarket.

It DOES taste cheezy in my opinion! I use it to make mac & cheese and it tastes so good.

Annie12 Annie12 VIC Posts: 1
9 11 Jan 2018
This is not about buying nutritional yeast buy I'd like to share my favourite vegan omelette or scrambled eggs review using nutritional yeast.

I mix about 5 heaped tablespoons of chick pea flour (available in Indian grocery shops)with water to make a thick batter. Not too thick. A pinch of black salt (it's actually pink in colour, also available in Indian grocers or supermarkets)  1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast.  
Mix with chopped spring onions,  coriander leaves and onions (all optional)
Fry in a bit of oil similar to frying omelettes or scrambled eggs.

It  tastes almost the same. Enjoy!

Junie Junie QLD Posts: 1
10 25 Jan 2018
I have been wondering the same thing in Queensland and discovered a brand called Marigold made it and just phoned them and asked where I could buy it locally. I gave them my postcode and was told of three places two healthfood shops and the other An IGA supermarket