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Superhero time?

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Jordana. Jordana. QLD Posts: 45
1 2 Jan 2012
That we will actually be able to 'save' the Earth from complete destruction? That one day, a majority of people will be vegetarian/vegan? I'm trying to be optimistic here, but I'm starting to feel as if we're all doomed.

In my own opinion, I think that if humans don't begin to change their diet, and rally against the production of livestock, then they're going to have to 'stitch themselves up' (charming, I know). The reason why more forests such as the Amazon are undergoing deforestation is due to a demand of animal products, which is attributed to the rise of the population. I think it's a fair choice, I know that there should be a right to freedom and self choice (for example, wearing what you want to wear, etc.), but there needs to be limits.

(Personally, I think the population needs to be controlled, even if a majority of humans adopt a plant based diet, but that's another discussion).

It's been a little disheartening for me lately, a large amount of my friends can't bear to have a meal without some kind of animal product, one actually said:

"I can't have a meal without meat or dairy. It doesn't feel like a real meal without it."

What is more 'annoying' I guess you could say, is that these kids consider themselves 'intelligentsia'. They all believe in climate change and the like, yet, when I mention that 50% of human provoked green house gases are related to the raising of livestock, they all shrug it off! It frustrates me to no end, the selfishness that some people can portray. Discussion is nothing without a resulting action, and I'm totally sick of people who apparently support a cause, but don't do anything to *prove* it.

Sorry if I sound like a whinge, I'm just falling into a pit of pessimism. Aside from my ethical and health reasons for being a vegan, I'm also extremely worried about the water situation (I actually do believe that water will be the cause of another major war.) So, the point of this post is about self reflection:

How do you feel?
Severely pessimistic?
Just waiting on a revolution?

And why do you feel this way?

tonijosephine tonijosephine VIC Posts: 80
2 2 Jan 2012
I think you'll find many people feel the same way as you at one point or another. Having such a wholesome belief in the vegan lifestyle, it's often hard to invision how on earth people can look at what we do as a 'waste of time.' But it's true, people do.
The only way to deal with them, is educate them when they ask questions...and when asking why you live your life the way you do, you can rattle off a heap of facts and focus on the guilt you feel from all the resources eating animal products takes. This is obviously the approach you're already taking - sadly getting frustrated does nothing to change this.
It's almost as if for every person that understands and appreciates what we do, there's another  10 people not understanding it and not seeing the importance in it.
To stay optimistic, I always concentrate on the understanding people and gain an ego boost from those unwilling to 'get it' , because clearly I am smarter then them happy If we all invision a world where animals and resources are not exploited, it will eventually happen. Lead by example, with understanding to all others (despite their annoying lifestyles), and then that's all that will be reflected back to you - and with that, comes change! Chin up, don't let it get you down. It might take a while, but eventually people will click! IT HAS TO HAPPEN!

JMort JMort VIC Posts: 248
3 2 Jan 2012
Changing the world is easy. Just get good people into positions of power.

Still waiting on that.

Call me naive but it really would be that simple. But people don't want good people in power, people want whoever is the least bad out of the two safe options. Don't rock the boat or we could lose the tiny amount we have while we pay those in power stupidly high amounts of money for the little work they do.

You want change? Sure, have change - 200 years of change on issues that can be fixed overnight if the right people actually wanted to.

But hey, we can still hope and believe in a better world right? Right. So let's keep keeping on.

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
4 2 Jan 2012
Where is Captain Planet?

Jordana. Jordana. QLD Posts: 45
5 2 Jan 2012
@tonijosephine: Thanks for your feedback! happy I agree, but at the same time, I'm beginning to think that not eating animal products/not buying any kind of animal product just isn't enough anymore. Before I'd be happy knowing that I was doing something positive for the world, now it's coming to realization that this dream of a peaceful, healthy Earth just isn't going to happen without an extra push. I know that every little bit helps, but the movement is just going too slow. We need more action! ecstatic

@JMort: Thanks for the feedback, I also agree! But, I also  think the kind of leader that would implement those changes though would be an extremist. There would have to be that edge of ruthlessness about them, and I'm not sure how that would turn out when the power corrupted them. If there wasn't that kind of drive there, they wouldn't get to the top in the first place. Plus, they'd have to be rather clever, and probably commit a Ju-LIAR Gillard type of lie about who they are/what they want to do, to get there; there seems to be a lot of people who don't appreciate vegetarianism/veganism, and think it's bogus; they'd lose votes over just that.

There would also be more complications, such as public backlashes, and more than likely, threats from certain industries/corporations (*cough* Meat/dairy industry *Cough*), which would eventually lead to the leader being toppled from his/her position. This could be minimized by incorporating small changes often, until they build into one huge change, or implementing larger changes less often. The problem with this though, is that we don't have enough time. We're at the crossroad now. :/

I don't think any of us have false hope though, or that we're delusional (I think). There will come a time where humans will have to choose whether to change, or run this place to the ground. I'm just hoping they choose the right decision. ecstatic

z1 z1 VIC Posts: 535
6 2 Jan 2012
if a major disease or war doesnt sweep across the world we'll run out of oil soon.
And electric cars and solar power wont save us, they are made out of oil.

The earth will recover. I just hope as many species as possible stay around, including humans.

A small population means less animal suffering aswell.

Vinnie89 Vinnie89 NSW Posts: 37
7 4 Jan 2012
Apathy runs rampant, ignorance is mainstream and bullshit spouts like a burst water main. But there's still hope, I honestly believe everyone are inherently good at heart.(well at least everyone I've met so far)It's unfair to dismiss people who dismiss vegans since there is an unfathomable amount of variables, as to why they draw these negative conclusions. Misinformation, learnt culture, media bias can all help to mould someones' view.

Action in my opinion for vegans is best done not with self-righteous slogans and posters, but by being an example, an example of health and compassion, show we're not all the barefoot, pale, skeletal, tye dye wearing, nutrient deficient type. Suprise people, the look on their faces when they figure out that I "must be some sorta vegetarian or something", "but you look normal and lift heavy things" is quite gratifying, since you know your playing your part in evolving peoples' perceptions,  of vegans and the stereotypes that surrounds them.

I do wholeheartly believe one day a sizeable number of the population will be vegan, as people are confronted with man's past discretions against mother nature, changed perceptions of vegans, and hopefully good mainstream science supporting humans lack of need for animal products.