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Black Cockatoo Habitat

Mainly for the Perth peeps

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RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
1 10 Jan 2012
I'm sure the Perth people on the board have heard about the cutting down of trees along Manning Road in the past week and how there have been several people trying to stop it. I personally know one of these guys, Chris (who was on the news being arrested actually....), who heads the Black Cockatoo Preservation Society.

For those who want to do something (people in other states can help!) this is what we propose:

Call the EPBC in Canbera (02 6275 9295, Trish Randan) and lodge a formal complaint about the inadequate length of time that the council conducted it's survey over, after a nearby roosting site was found and disregarded because the survery was so rushed that nobody realised that they were also watering at Waldecks Bentley (a business close by). The council also had a responsibility to report back to the EPBC about the results of the survey, so I would query for this 'report' too. And thirdly please mention that this road reserve was habitat for Forest Redtail Cockies and as such could the Canning Council be made to plant Black Cockatoo food trees in the adjoining reserves (planting 5 trees for every one tree removed- Commonwealth reccomended offset ratio).
Leading ecologist at DEC, Geoff Barrett, feels that a survey should be conducted over a minimum of 2 years. If the tree clearg injunction was what instigated the survey late last year, this 'survey' has barely covered a 2 month mark.
The Forest Reds are now protected under the Commonwealth, so penalties would have to apply. Chris is thinking of several thousand dollars a fine, of which there may be a few. But for this to happen we need to people to call and lodge a complaint so that Canberra knows there are people who care about these wonderful birds!

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a crazy bird person I am, and these birds are just the best, and it'd be a real shame to see them disappear from our skies.