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Conflict: University Function at Seaworld

Don't go, or use the opportunity for activism?

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april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
1 11 Jan 2012
The continuing students' orientation for an academic organisation of which I am a member is to be held at Seaworld. I think that it has always been at Seaworld, but I'm not sure. The orientation itself will be held in a conference room, but in the afternoon there will be a team scavenger hunt around the park and the opportunity to view exhibits and use rides.

As a vegan and staunch opposer of zoos, especially marine zoos due to the logistical inability to provide an adequate captive environment for their wildlife, I really will not feel comfortable going.

However, this may be a unique opportunity to talk about issues such as the Taiji dolphin slaughter, which is how Sea World acquires some (many?) of their dolphins, when I usually would never step foot in the place.

I'm thinking of emailing the organisation's co-ordinator about why I oppose Sea World, and possibly buying her a copy of The Cove.

What do you think I should do - go or stay home? If you think I should go, any ideas for how I can make the most of the activism opportunity?

PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
2 11 Jan 2012
I'd bust my activism moves and take it as an opportunity to get a win in for the animals if I was you.

If they've been doing this event like this before, they probably will just ignore the one off complaint. Students that haven't thought about the issue of zoos etc will just likely be pissed with you for being the cause of it getting cancelled and it'll push them away from looking into the issues at hand.

Not going at all just let's things go as it likes.

Best chance for a positive outcome is to get your neck out there on the day and get vocal!

I would think if you could find a way to weave in a presentation + fliers without looking like 'that one chick having a rage for attention', then as long as you catch their attention long enough, they will at least understand why you hold that position and hopefully you are persuasive enough to convince them to do some homework.

On that note - make sure you do end with a 'call of action'. When you end a speech or give out something. Tell them to join Unleashed or your uni's animal rights club for example. Don't let them just walk away without knowing what the next step they should take if they have a heart. wink