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"Indonesian Live exports cannot be replaced by boxed meat"

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Tiah Tiah SA Posts: 45
1 13 Jan 2012

What are your thoughts? I find it sickening that their only real concern regarding this is the money that is going to be lost rather than the welfare of the animals.. Which is the reason the ban on live export was brought in in the first place.

It's a terrible situation because boxed meat isn't viable there due to lack of refrigeration, but animal welfare really shouldn't be at the expense of some farmers pockets.

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
2 13 Jan 2012
I'm sure it'd be different if we were sending their kids over there  rolleyes
We should send over food that doesn't need refrigeration if that's the issue. After all they don't NEED to eat a cow.

Just another excuse of why they have to send our cows to be tortured. Last year my business class had some interview with a butcher (who also has his own farm). We asked about the live export and how he felt about it. He said it was bad how the cows were treated there, and that they need to be more humane, but that the beef producers here have to many cows, so some farms need to send them off. Really? You couldn't reduce the number of cows, or go into another business? Oh that's right. MoNeYZZ $$$ > Welfare of animals.

Even if they did end up with more humane ways to kill (not that killing can ever be humane), surely the trip overseas is horrible for our animals. I've heard of livestock vomiting, having diarrhea etc. just in the trucks driving for an hour or two, can't imagine what going overseas would be like for them.

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1336
3 13 Jan 2012
Deespark said:
I've heard of livestock vomiting.
Cows can't technically vomit, but they can bring up the contents of the foregut, called regurgitation. - sorry just been a smart-ass tongue haha

Jordana. Jordana. QLD Posts: 45
4 13 Jan 2012
“There are common sense and practical reasons why boxed meat would not replace live exports such as that most buyers of our meat are in villages or small communities without access to reliable consistent power and 90% of households do not have refrigeration.”

I’m going to assume that this means that members of these villages/small communities actually buy the cow, and slaughter it themselves? Otherwise, there seems to be a bit of a ‘plot hole’ would they preserve the meat they buy in general, if they have no where to store it (eg. no refrigeration/unreliable power)? They would have to consume the meat they have brought basically the day they paid for it. Depending on how prominent meat is in their diet, they may have to go to their market to buy it regularly wouldn’t they?

Therefore, there would be no difference between the meats (they’d have to eat any kind of meat in the day they brought it), unless of course they are referring to the actual transportation of the product, leading to spoilage? Or the actual market’s/supplier’s means of preserving the meat?

Sounds kinda fishy to me.

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
5 13 Jan 2012
I heard last week that in a few years Indonesia plans to be self sufficient in the meat trade that they will require maybe only a quarter of what they are getting now... and this process of thought came in LONG before we stopped live exports for awhile. So all those farmers having a cry now, wait til that happens (if it does). They can't blame the government then!

Tiah Tiah SA Posts: 45
6 14 Jan 2012
It's so stupid! They say Australia's economy is going to suffer so much due to the livestock industry going down because of all this.. Yet it's not like the land that is used to raise livestock in Australia couldn't be used for crops instead. We could easily export vegetables and such!

And I agree exactly with the fact that even if the Indonesian abbatoirs comply with the animal welfare standards that Australia could put in place for them, the conditions of the trip on the boat is disgusting. Animals are crammed onto the boat to a point that they can barely move, and  a lot of the animals are deprived of water and food and die of heat exhaustion or starvation. And there is a certain number of animals that are allowed to die on the ship (I think 2.5%, but don't quote me on this) before something needs to be done about the number of animals travelling or the set up of the ships.

At the end of the day, there are far more other ways to earn money and if countries want to raise their own cattle and do with it what they will, that is their choice, and it's in the animals best interest that they don't travel on these ships for days or weeks at a time with limited food and water supplies.

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
7 14 Jan 2012
OinkMoo said:
Deespark said:
I've heard of livestock vomiting.
Cows can't technically vomit, but they can bring up the contents of the foregut, called regurgitation. - sorry just been a smart-ass tongue haha
Haha, what about pigs? I heard about a pig vomiting. Never heard of cows vomiting, but assumed they did. Good to know, now I'll look like less of an idiot when talking to all the farmers around here lol

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