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Am I getting the right Nutreients

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Haaayyyllleeeyyy Haaayyyllleeeyyy VIC Posts: 41
1 15 Jan 2012
I've only been Veg for a few weeks now and more and more I'm being lectured by my meat-eater family and friend's about how bad it is for my health to be vegetarian.

I don't know what to say to shut them up. I've told them its actually healthier to be veg but they just recite the names of people they knew who were veg and had to give it up over health concearns.

So I'm wondering, what do I have to eat to get all the stuff I'm missing from meat?
I really don't want to have to start eating meat again because my body can't take it.

Any advice would be much appreciated  happy

PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
2 15 Jan 2012
Check this out:

That's a Victorian government health website. Something this is likely to be more appealing to your family/friends than animal rights websites (as some people not involved in the cause will scream you're forcing the topic just by bringing up a pro-animal rights resource)

It has a heap of newbie info and answers your question regarding what to replace you meat intake with and why it's important. happy

If your main 'debate' with these guys is in regards to "but you need meat" etc points; my protip is - don't waste time with the "This is healthier" approach. Rather just state the facts. eg. If they go 'you need meat for protein' tell then, yes, human bodies need protein and you can nom that up in other plants. Then list them, like those on the link above. They can't really counter-argue that.

Good luck and you're not the only one putting up with this sort of thing. happy

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
3 15 Jan 2012
It makes their  autopilot uneasy when someone is expressing a moral based eating, because it is something rewarding they can't experience.

So making you feel... conflicted so you will associate that unwell feeling to your diet ... when actually it is just them passing their sick and cynical way of life onto you.. because you are "healthy enough to bare it" where as they are sick from it... is all they can put their minds to.

Consuming is a habit of mind.

lul i dont know..

don't let people cloud your feelings, because you actually need them as someone following their own eating preference.. you need to be able to feel out whether you're happy with what you're eating or .. whether you want to add something new into your ever changing diet.

lentils are great... I think anything they are in makes the dish so much tastier.. but they themselves... I can't say they taste much of anything.

don't take it on too formally... just be casual ... eat fruit when it suits you.. and eat lots of different things that interest you... even just a little.

nuts and dips on toast... well it is much easier for you... all you're doing it leaving meat out... dairy is pretty tricky...

make lots of smoothies...

I do 5 bananas or more.. with some frozen berries.. honey. (or agave) .. saunders malt extract for lots of B vitamins annddd... oat milk.

and i eat lots of cans of baked beans...

But your best bet is to get a Blood test now just starting...

and get one later on to compare and monitor how you're going...

maybe you think you're doing awesome, but have a feeling you're lacking...

then you get a test and find out.. wow.. I really need more green veggies for iron..

it is experimentally intelligent but personally rewarding means of living...
so don't overly analyse how you feel after every meal...

if I remember correctly I felt shit after every meal before...
and now I feel much happier going about it by my own preferences and Will to try

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
4 15 Jan 2012
That link is awesome!!!!!

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
5 15 Jan 2012
I don't think of it as 'missing nutrients from meat''  reallt bugs me when people think of vegetarianism as 'different' like meat is the norm.....

my sister said to me 'oh yeah u have to watch ur iron coz you dont get it from meat '

*pulls hair out*

PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
6 15 Jan 2012
May-Z said:
That link is awesome!!!!!
One issue I just spotted on it:
"More restrictive vegetarian diets, such as vegan and raw food diets, are more likely lead to nutritional deficiencies."

Not the best generalisation. I get why it's written that way as the site is trying to one:
1) not be long winded
2) It's a government site so staying away from the 'controversial' option when they aren't going in enough depth to explain veganism is a legal safety net.

But just so anyone that uses that link is aware - you'll need to explain that point more to others if they try to go 'but, but look - 'more likely!' That's so bad!'. wink

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
7 15 Jan 2012
Key things you need to know:

A lot of vegetables do contain similar amounts of iron as meat does, but the iron from plants is not as easily absorbed by our bodies. Make sure you are drinking/eating foods which are high in vitamin C, as vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron. This can be as simple as drinking a glass of orange juice for breakfast.
Though despite this, iron deficiency has shown to be no more common in vegans/vegetarians than in meat eaters.

B12 is only found in very low amounts in some plants. If you're vegetarian then you will be getting sufficient amounts of B12 from eggs/dairy. Though vegans will need to eat foods such as mock meat, soy milk etc. which are fortified with B12 or take supplements.

Though vegetables and fruit contain a lot of useful nutrients, they do not contain large amounts of protein. Good protein foods are legumes such as chickpeas and lentils, also soy products like tofu. Here is a good list of  how much protein is in different foods:

Honestly you don't have too much to worry about. You will easily be able to get everything you need from non-meat sources happy
I went veg when I was 12 (8 years ago) with very little education about nutrients and I am perfectly healthy.

MITCH308 MITCH308 NSW Posts: 40
8 15 Jan 2012

Haaayyyllleeeyyy Haaayyyllleeeyyy VIC Posts: 41
9 15 Jan 2012
AHH! Thanx so much everyone.

I DID think I was doing the right thing, it's just hard having no one support you (aspecially when what you're doing is something so rewarding and you just know it's right)

It's always nice hearing from other vegetarians/vegans. Makes me feel even better (if thats possible) about what I'm doing!

 clap clap clap clap

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
10 15 Jan 2012
just next time they tell you about all the vegos that had to stop because of health reasons, simply say:

"well they probably had a support group like you (:"

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