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My vegan recipes

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Jaq Jaq VIC Posts: 23
1 15 Jan 2012
Personally, I'm not fond of cooking by following recipes... I find it boring.. So I tend to glance over recipes or just make things up from scratch. In doing this, I've developed a few dishes that have been well received by my family and anyone else who has eaten them.
After trying my tofu "omlette" my (vegan) older sister said it was brilliant and that I should post it online, because she's never been able to find a good one.
So I figure, if anyone here is interested in any of the following dishes, I'll type out the recipe and  post the link on here.

(ALL dishes are 100% vegan)

-Tofu "omlette"
-Super quick tofu scramble
-Scalloped potatoes
-Tofu and beetroot noodles
-Peanut butter and oreo shake
-Two minute rice noodles

Okay, that should be enough to begin with. If you want them, please let me know!

Jordanfun Jordanfun WA Posts: 79
2 15 Jan 2012
Post them all!

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
3 16 Jan 2012
Definitely interested in the omelette recipe happy

Samantha87 Samantha87 VIC Posts: 17
4 16 Jan 2012
Oreo shake! Oreo shake!

Mishelly1990 Mishelly1990 NSW Posts: 4
5 18 Jan 2012
Scalloped potatoes

Jaq Jaq VIC Posts: 23
6 18 Jan 2012
Thanks for the interest! Here's the tofu omlette recipe, the rest are coming happy

Jaq Jaq VIC Posts: 23
7 18 Jan 2012
Posted ^^^

Jaq Jaq VIC Posts: 23
9 18 Jan 2012
Posted!! ^^^^^