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Moulin Rouge

Use of animals as entertainment

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carmielee carmielee SA Posts: 16
1 18 Jan 2012
Over the Christmas/new year period, I was fortunate enough to travel through Europe. As part of a tour group we booked an evening at the original Moulin Rouge - what trip to Paris would be complete without it, right?

I knew of course there would be naked women a plenty, which there was. The wine flowed freely and everyone was having a great time. In my ignornance, I had no idea that they also used animals in their stage show.

Imagine my horror when the first of three animal acts came on stage. My first inkling that something was wrong was when a large aquarium emerged from under the dance floor. Inside were serveral large water pythons. Their tails had been taped with a transparent duct tape (I am unsure of the reason for this?) making their tails appear haggard and peeling. Of course, being creatures sensitive to vibration, loud music full of bass pounded away to make them stir and writhe. A woman dove into the tank and began grabbing the snakes while roughly swimming and 'dancing' with them. Flashing lights also beamed through the tank.

Later in the show several small Shetland ponies were paraded on stage during their 'circus' sequence. Again, flashing lights, loud music and the applause of the audience definitely seemed to startle the poor creatures. They did not perform tricks, but were dragged around like dogs on leashes by beautiful women in time with the music. The look in their eyes was unmistakable fear at such an overwhelming experience.

The final and as far as I'm concerned, worst display of animal exploitation, was the use of a small white dog that looked like a typical maltese/shih tzu that we all know and love. A ventriloquist used a doll during his show and then humiliated some willing human participants on stage. My heart sank when for his final act, a small dog ran out on stage. Over his nose and mouth was a prosthetic muzzle. This muzzle was designed to appear as a dog's mouth and was controlled by the ventriloquist. This dog was perched atop a pillar while the man carried on with his 'comedy' routine, manipulating the muzzle to give the impression that the dog was speaking. The dog looked terrified. Under spotlights and the glare of hundreds of people, his face-fitted prosthesis 'talked' away. The dog looked around in a very skitish manner, seeming to look for the exit. He seemed to cower from the man who had obviously trained the dog to stay put until his show was complete. On his signal that dog absolutely bolted backstage. There was no denying that he didn't get same enjoyment from the show.

I just wanted to share that experience with you all so that you will not be as ignorant as myself if given the opportunity. I hope that you can spread the word that the Moulin Rouge does in fact use animals in its performances and should be boycotted until the use of animals is removed from the show. Perhaps I should've done my research, but then again, I'm happy that I can at least take this sad experience and share it with all of you to expose the truth. While the naked women in the show clearly make a conscious choice to be exploited, the same cannot be said for the defenceless animals also forced to be involved.

If you would like to join me in expressing your dissatisfaction at their current production, you can write to the Moulin Rouge at:

Bal du Moulin Rouge
82 Boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris

or visit their official website for further contact details.

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
2 18 Jan 2012
That is disgusting. They don't need animals to put on a great show. People are going to the see the girls anyway (truth be told).

MovieMom MovieMom QLD Posts: 1
3 9 Jun 2015
I watched some video of the snake act and I believe the tape is keep the snake from pooping while in the water...this concerns me...what if someone forgets to take it off?  then the poor animal can't relieve itself...and if they are putting on and taking off that tape daily, I can't imagine what it's doing to the scales and it must be painful.  I agree, the animal acts are not good enough for them to do this to the animals.  

But you have to remember, they are ego filled money hungry people, who don't care, so we ought to try to pass laws to keep them in line, but be prepared for a battle.  People like that don't care about the deep things of the world.  They are selfish and greedy.  Such is life I'm afraid.  

You can spend your days fighting evil, or you can be love and watch it grow.