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[PLUG ALERT] The Kind Cleaner - Adelaide's newest eco-business

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TKC TKC SA Posts: 19
1 18 Jan 2012
Hi All -

I am not sure what the policy is on this site for self-promotion, but I will take my chances.

Just wanted to alert you all to the fact that I have started a business called The Kind Cleaner. It's an eco-friendly domestic / small business cleaning service based in Adelaide. Here are a couple of the unique features of The Kind Cleaner:

- All the products I use are based on proven traditional recipes, think vinegar, bicarb soda, essential oils. All are vegan, non-toxic and palm oil free.
- I don't scoot about in a petrol-guzzling car, I ride from house to house (business to business) on a bakfiets-style cargo bike.

If you are in Adelaide and wouldn't mind spreading the word, that would be super. Search "The Kind Cleaner" on Facebook.



RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
2 19 Jan 2012
Good luck with your new business endeavour!

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
3 19 Jan 2012
^   -  ^

If you get a good business base with the elderly to begin with,
they will surely have olde fashioned tips for you to learn and develop your new skills!

All the best, what sort of cleaning are you expecting?

Is it a household service for bathrooms, flooring, windows .etc?

Do you offer carpet services and what sort of rates do you base yourself on?

Product / time cost?

Was going to say that I will try recommend you to anyone as it comes up.

But...thinking about it.

I Volunteer in the Reading Room 153 Hindley st. in the CBD...

if you go past one day, feel free to have a look in
and if you want to send me a quote for how much you think
that it would cost to give it a good clean, let me know.

I am not the organizer of the space, but i'd be happy to pay.

We recently had a little flooding, so the floor rug smells!

Mostly it is a semi gutted room, but it could do with some dusting and what ever you think. Also I can organize a free time for you, we're open 2 pm - 7pm Mon - Sat.

I have a vacuum cleaner at home with a carpet attachment you put solution into...
but I don't like the idea of using toxic chemicals on something which was donated/destine for the tip anyway >   -<.

TKC TKC SA Posts: 19
4 23 Jan 2012
Hi Casper -

That's a good point about the elderly. I have one older customer but the majority are younger, eco-conscious types.

I specialise in domestic cleaning - whole house, bathroom only, etc - and windows - small business shopfronts, etc. I don't offer a carpet cleaning service.

Check out my website for prices:

I would appreciate if you could spread the word a bit! If you use Facebook, feel free to like my page - just search the name, should be easy enough to find.

I know The Reading Room. I walk / cycle past it often - I live in and run the business out of the West end of the CBD. I was looking at the windows just the other day and thought they looked a bit grubby. I'd be happy to strike up a deal with you considering you're a community group... one that I believe in!

Can you please flick me your email address?


Paul - The Kind Cleaner

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 23 Jan 2012
If you have some flyers or business cards I would be happy to put them somewhere accessible in the room. But I don't have face book.

Also the windows are boogered :<

It isn't sticky tape residue, the stick tape has pulled off the outer tint film on the glass and left a matt glossless surface, was looking at it the other day up close.

Lol don't EVEN look at the bathroom out the back >____>
You can't clean walls and fittings back into place...

that night club really has sort out their patronage or amenities.

Hum ~ feel free to have a look around and let me know if you think,
it is freshen up - able in there.

Will PM my e-mail to you...

Also with something like the Reading Room, moving, tidying and re-organizing is a great possibility, so get your thinking cap on!

If you see your trade as an art, then I can let you in there to your own devices for however you like for a flat day rate, how much energy or time you want to spend... and we can call it an exhibition of cleanliness! haha or... just a freshened inner space exhibit.

Then do an opening night! With drinks and friends, you could even make it a promo event.

We're doing a staff meeting finally near when fringe starts, so if not that, then it would just be nice to have a new breathing space with this being an exciting time of year.

Anyways like I said feel free to do some brain storming and e-mail me any bright ideas, I will run anything major past the lovely space curator, but it will be my first year there, mid this year, so I feel like organizing a lil something and also your eco-business is something I feel is much worth supporting.

Emma25 Emma25 VIC Posts: 24
6 13 May 2012
Hi The Kind Cleaner!

I'm in Melbourne but wanted to wish you every success in your new business - I think it's a great idea!