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instant noodles cravings!

trying to sus out if any instant noodles are vegan.

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mushroomfeilds mushroomfeilds SA Posts: 320
1 30 Jan 2012
so i emailed fantastic snack foods and they said that none of their noodle products are vegan here is the email  they sent me:

Dear Lauren,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us in regards to our Fantastic Noodles.
The additive E627 used in our Fantastic Noodles Oriental Flavour Cup is derived from plant sources, however other ingredients used in this flavour do contain animal products.
Unfortunately none of our cup noodles are suitable for vegans.

i havent had replies from anywhere else but i was  wonderingabout Mi Goreng Wiki says its not vegan.....but that is just wiki:

Additionally flavour enhancer 631 can be prepared from meat extract and/or dried sardines [4] and flavour enhancer 627 is isolated from sardines and/or yeast extract. The inclusion of flavour enhancer 631 makes Indomie Mi Goreng unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.

bothof those it says it CAN be derived from which means it could also be derived from aplant base maybe?

idont know where toget these in australia

i  usually just usee the noodles and make my own sauce but i havebeen really craving the cheap salty instant noodle flavour.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
2 30 Jan 2012
I know Wokka noodles are vegan. They have Mi Goreng and another flavour which are both fine. Make sure to read the labels though as one of their flavours has honey.

Someone posted that Maggi noodles were vegan, though I personally choose to avoid them as they are owned by Nestle who have been criticized for human rights, child labour, animal testing etc.

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
3 30 Jan 2012
I had this craving the other day, and being allergic to MSG any noodles were impossible...


I had a genius streak!

I had some ramen noodles in the cupboard, and a stock cube!!!!! cooked em up on the stove and YUMMMMMMMM!

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 30 Jan 2012
I forgot, you can also get these from health food stores:
I thought they tasted okay, but my boyfriend loved them.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 30 Jan 2012
Easy Peasy!

throw away flavouring/ or get cheap noodle cakes

use vegeta vegetable stock


RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
6 31 Jan 2012
I buy the 10pk of Ayam noodles and make my own flavour - soy sauce, peanut oil and some garlic and chilli. Delish!

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
7 31 Jan 2012
RaV3N said:
I buy the 10pk of Ayam noodles and make my own flavour - soy sauce, peanut oil and some garlic and chilli. Delish!
Would you like to make some for me and teleport them to me still steamy?

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
8 2 Feb 2012
I formally retract my recommendation based on a few things.

1. It was not easy to find noodle cakes I was happy with,
but I found the one's with the most transparent ingredients.

Which contain Palm Oil, but at least it isn't written as 'vegetable' oil'.

A. I feel that if people make exceptions to boycott this,
based on all the reasons that are apparent to me,
then the same person should do and feel the same way about Soya.

B. Just as it is hard to find non Soy 'enriched' products,
it is hard to find non Palm oil 'enriched' products.
I'd pref without but I got them anyway, I wanted ROOODLEE!!


VEGETA Vege stock (though being my house this could belong in an antiques shop)...
uses Monosodium Glutumate (MSG)...

A. Which explains why I felt so erg last night,
after having 3 noodle cakes with diced garlic and Veg stock.


I got Double Pheonix Noodle cakes... they are P-much same texture look as
Maggi... their ingredient list was least offensive.

$2 for ten, but that isn't why I chose them out of the several I found near china town.
Including Fantastic, Ayam aaannddd random ones (odd usage of terms in list).

I'm not sure what to use as flavouring but I don't know why Vegeta would choose the enhance the bad flavour of their over salted stock anyway... eak.

Tonight I used some herb and spices mix (basic) and garlic.

But If anyone has any awesome ideas for flavouring noodz let me knu.
I don't like soya sauce, but I will try the chilli and peanut idea.

~   k   ~

Sorry for the misguidances.

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
9 2 Feb 2012
Massels stock cubes are all vegan - even the chicken and beef wink when I can be bothered I put a heaped teaspoon in the water while my noodles soften, it absorbs the flavour. Or you could sprinkle some of powder over once done. Not sure about MSG, I think it's ok.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
10 3 Feb 2012
Vegeta Veg stock is vegan. (no animal derivatives)...but MSG is gross.

I found another Vegeta stock in the cupboard though use by 2006 . _ o

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