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In a (pronounced with accent IN-NER) world of equality

How about the delightful creature next to you

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Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
1 30 Jan 2012
So today during practice I was next to a person of outstanding fitness and flow.

the mind jumped into a particular inner dialogue.
"H-ly sh*t, she's a master she smokes me! She holds her postures so well, I bet I can do that... I'll best her"

As this subtitling happened it brought a stance of reflection, here I can share it.

Lets look at the subtitle above, here a part of me, or lets say a part of this perception has announced that a person, or more so another collection of atoms is better than me and I am 'insecure' because of it (neither of which are truth).

It has created a degree of distance, it has risen a person on a pedestal, mean while lowering my own. Imbalance is achieved. the subtitle or even 'ego' was then provoked to 'equal' the odds by 'raising' my status to then over-take her.

In short, it has inferred the following.
I am down, she is up.
I can be up, but only if I am better than her.
My value is based in this skill.
I expect more.

Now none of these above points are taken to heart, but they are a thought pattern that occurred today during a class.

I ask any reading this, to take it with the new day, and look at the internal processes that happen, and whether or not you 'buy-into' all of 'your' thoughts.

To place this into perspective, just because the thought to say, quit work and live off the land appears in the mind, does not mean it is how I feel, it is an abstract process that attaches to some form of desire. The point being, 'thoughts' are not often truth, and this will be an on-going discovery for many.

So today, look into the inner workings of your mind. Have a look, is it trying to bring you closer to human beings? or further from them?
Is it raising the person next to you on a pedestal, thus lowering your own? Or is it raising yours and lowering theirs?

Look for equality, we are human beings, the label vegan, vegetarian, plant-based wholefoodist, shrub-eater which-ever can be misleading you from your real identity.

So hug your meat-eating friends, love them from beyond the void of physical label, and love them for the creature in the machine, for being another clump of atoms, just like you are. You will learn more and teach more as equals.

I heard these three saying recently "find peace in the pose" and "this is your own practice" and "this is not a competition".

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
2 30 Jan 2012
Thoughts or motives.. You can easily turn that motive into a reality by going after the conceived idea. I mean if you don't think about it... and it is abstract, how do you end up some where.. where by you have chosen and decided to go ~ that is a change of ways and something out of your ordinary. Do you just go about things on slightly apparent feeling and stop at some point and go "I am there.... I am somewhere different"... then onward.

They are a subtext you can choose to follow and make into the dialogue of your existence - the human form, collective acceptance knowledge and so on that exists in an organic structure. Defining itself by the cells which define it self.

You are judging a point of circumstance ... you are saying "I understand the mind enough to be capable and able of all enlightenments or challenges".. then look to someone who simply has more practice (exercise might well be practise for your muscles to learn not mind, though your reference is all about binding the two by letting them share faculty).

So I feel, it would be best to see that truth. This person is looking a way which represents the comfort and confidence I am after... I must practise my new poses until I am first comfortable then with an open mind, inquire for the path of acceptance towards looking mega buff. Which may eventuate in a less spiritual manner "so.. . . How did you get so ripped!?" haha or what ever it is.

Being silly, but just ask someone for input, if they seem to hold a wealth you admire... ask how to seek it for yourself. It is a process and experience you are after, not the end result, fore if that person sought to take the end result without effort or practice.. they wouldn't be of a worth you seek to be.

~   , ~  Well that is my attempt at feedback.

Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
3 31 Jan 2012
Agreed, practice is required for results, the practice of equality comes down to where our real identity lies, is it in accomplishment or origin? Where we have gone, where we will be or what our nature is? Maybe all three?

Does desire rise from a lack of fulfillment, itchy face? desire to scratch, inadequate pay? desire for new job. Be a good boyfriend? Take girlfriend out for dinner. I love you, so you best love me. Unless it is completely selfless and for the purpose of bestowal (to the community or to the divine, one and the same really). SO the action becomes irrelevant while the intent behind the action highly relevant. Is the action, fueled with the intent of being closer or further away from other clumps of atoms? Is it seeing a lack, filling a hole or is it i abundance and at peace? Does the result of the decision support your external identity of being a 'somebody' or being 'one with everybody'. Maybe this is how we 'love thy neighbor' by being 'one' with our neighbor.

In the above mentioned case, were lets say the ego, wanted to feel separate (is this not the purpose of individuality? That we have defining features that distinguish us from other?) to transcend this would be to acknowledge the hidden nature of man to be individual (ego) and direct ones energy to feeling unified. To support this transition, practice, practice and more practice! Scrutinize the minds thoughts that create separation and provoke self-lessness to rise. By not siding with a 'will to receive' by witnessing it as a 'primal' nature we can evolve to the next, simply by acknowledgement that the ego is there, and 'willing' the opposite to become action.

So your approach Casper of asking the Yogi next to me during that class, of pointers to help with practice can be down with different intents, 'gimme the answers so I can best you' or even 'Your practice is advanced, can you share how you have achieved this?', the second is not for self-worth but to share experience, so if its not selfish? it must be self____.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
4 31 Jan 2012
Mordechai said:
Agreed, practice is required for results.
My point was more that result is a perception, a circumstantial point of evidence or even facade [ remember this person is living and changing, challenging and resolving just alike ].  You (should) seek the experience, not the outer most expression of that core? No?

Or do you just see benefits of this and want them for yourself to have 'that' (your again perceived) aeffect / being an advantage over people (yourself).. so...

To humbly seek , you'd 1: not be the weakness you seek to exploit of others within even a divine humanity. 2: the utility wouldn't exist if not first conceived by prejudices. 3: all that benefits ~ is society at large, or your Yogi class being able to witness your mental successes/endeavours and revel or inspire.

I'm not sure, because I don't know the situation, circumstance or persona for myself, but am just giving places I could see for improvement if... _IF_ the way I read your words is relevant to your writing of them.

You talk of kin philosophies of neighbouring theology... some people build island homes to get away from this obligation. The problem is not people 'wanting to be unique or different' but when everyone wants . WANTS. and wants what they see that is not their own and to be the same - Better/Envy/Greed/Hate.

Equality... is the ability for all to be themselves without an inflicting idea or force pressed upon their doing or being. You are being with an item... someone wants that item, it is not a humble want so it is described by the manner in which they feel they must gain that thing and if their mind fails them, this want prevails the action into causing conflictions/injustice/violence.

There is communal sharing of items where all can be neighbours... same and equal but one person... or faction ... uses this greater difference they have via same being SO averaged... that being any different at all.. is a GREAT difference, power and influence...

If all were different and the same faction existed.. their intent would merely be assimilated into "yes yes.. we know of people who are dictators..." there is no... ethos or fear to cause identities to be lost and people to become slaves here.

I don't care for talking about political systems... so i'm just theorizing basic terms more than anything. basically I don't think it can be put down to a neighbourly sense or feeling... it just happens.. and when it does... through benevolent will.. people are better and more fulfilled in living.  Other wise it is a lame idea... aaannndd... I prefer my privacy... thank .. you.


If all are neighbours, society is home.. thus all are neighbours.
You go for a walk... "Hello..." this person is a neighbour to your body (spiritual residences') in this habitat, your home... and they are a neighbour to your being in this very time space.

Home is OWNERSHIP... we have reverted right back to.. I don't own my body.. I don't own me. I don't own my spirit or being... but I SURE AS anything... own THIS HOME.. My neighbour is that GUY right Fridgen there!  

haha.. which is a lie.. out of all those things... you don't own the land... unless you are eternal enough to pay for it, or spiritual enough to gain the respect of human future (then could be said) / destiny (by that influence).

It is a stupid idea.... just love.   First of all.. then when we have enough experience feeling alive again.. maybe think about not harming our kin or divergences or origins, or purists.

People are feeble to think,
thought is a discourse of dialect,
soliloquy or verbal discord.    
>Cognitive Dissonance<

Open perception Unword thought.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 31 Jan 2012
Anyway to summarize...

Love your Neighbour Yogi.

I think.. Dont' WANT to better them...

I 'think again'... This could be fun, bettering? A playful challenge between two neighbouring bodies.

I pinnacle.... to say.

Some people.. Just feel tested and tried enough, even by their own self.

Sometimes your wants and even desire is welcomed, good and thus positive.. sometimes being tentative to choose or seek or be discerning with how much you are your want toward an unsure or unproven (of will or affinity) subject. Is best.

Personally anyone wanting from me, anything I don't already seek to give... is a burden and a a sorrowful agitation (as of imagining it to be).

Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
6 1 Feb 2012
Agreed, Casper love the neighboring Yogi.

Maybe we are neighbors like puzzles pieces are neighbors to each other, different shapes with different fragments of a image, together painting humanity separate showing a fractured image.

As for practice for results, Yoga has been translated to mean Yoke, Unity and more. Unity seems a good fit in this context. How does one feel unity? By practicing Unity? Does one feel unity when practicing hate crimes or thievery? I am unsure, in this instant, practicing Yoga has resulted in Unity.

Although Unity is already there, it is an underlying eternal feature to us all, more so it is our perception, even our inclination that covers this up, which is the first mentioned though process. They are the detour signs, to bring a new 'asana' to practice. Just like a balancing act. We realize our nature completely unified, then, the mind is not removed along with ego, but ego is a constant distraction that we learn to be observant of. Like illusionary pedestrians jumping in front of our car, the car is automatic and will stay true just like our unified true self however we feel emotional disturbances regardless each time, at least we 'think' we do.

If we as neighbors are one, then there is no loss or gain, not even a transfer of funds, as it is all unified. Similarly no hate can be expressed upon me that isn't hate within the global consciousness. As I am not separate from this consciousness, it is a responsibility to be observant and unified and so spreading discord and separation is also not encouraged.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
7 2 Feb 2012
Mordechai said:
Maybe we are neighbors like puzzles pieces are neighbors to each other, different shapes with different fragments of a image, together painting humanity separate showing a fractured image.
I enjoyed your description here. If someone new walked into the room, your internal quarrel, even if existent in the muscle pulses of roomly bodies. This new person always feels a complete puzzle where by they do not fit in place...

so as in this analogies provocatives, I don't suppose we'd have an unchanging edge... but one which can change by inclusion of new parts and experiences.

So forth and so on. Two pieces may choose to fit. Openness makes sense of the greater image, but is this the greater complete puzzle or just staring at the box lid.


Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
8 4 Feb 2012
Inclusion of new parts, I like it.
Like self discovery that really the pieces are not separate at all, even once the puzzle is all put together, the pieces themselves are defined by the edge around each individual. What if the image began to merge? Imagine cells and their lipid-bilayer.