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Getting enough calories

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bob1 bob1 VIC Posts: 1
1 6 Feb 2012
So I've been on a veg diet for 14 years but I've never been really big on making sure I got enough nutrition because blood tests always came back fine. Lately I was curious and wanted to see how healthy I was and realised that the food I would usually eat in a day is at times not even 300 calories. In the past few months I think my train of thought has been a bit muddled and out of sorts and I'm certain that there's a correlation between the two.

While I'm well and truly keen on getting my calorie count up the problem is I'm allergic to nuts, avocado (and also caffeine) so it's hard for me, as a vegan, to get enough fats to increase my calorie count? I don't no how many calories I was getting in previous months or years or if I was getting enough.

The question is, how do I increase my calories for the sake of good nutrition?

nichola nichola NSW Posts: 12
2 6 Feb 2012
try weetbix and mix that with special k original ...the nuts bit is tricky, banana milkshakes
i had the sanaitarium "not burger" last night verry yummy!  the be natural trail bars are good too, doritos plane and all there salsa dip is vegan make a puff pastry pizza with a bunch of vegie toppings mushies,onion,capsicum, baby spinach,pineapple, tomato etc,
barbeque shapes are a good one

Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
3 6 Feb 2012
Could source some hemp seeds, great for fats and proteins, although protein is over-rated!
Grains are next otherwise, load up on oats (cheap!), quinoa and etc, protein can help make up for calories.
Look at sweet fruits, dates and bananas are quite high in sugar (dates ~80%) but have some research baking their efficacy.
What about sesame seeds or sunflower seeds? Buckwheat groats? All of which easy to prepare,
Sesame seeds can be purchased as 'tahini' which is a peanut butter like spread, super healthy.
Beans too in particular chickpeads (garlbanzo beans) which is the main ingredient to hummus (soo tasty!).

Loads of options, as a lady 2000 calories a day is pretty standard avg, if your active look at getting 2,500 calories.

If you want to be 'right on' the nutritional input you can download Cron-o-meter which is a program that can track your nutritional progress and it is easy to use.

Daily try to get a serving of grains (porridge, vita-brix, buckwheat porridge) with berries, fresh fruit is a good option, through some cinnamon or nutmeg on top. Yum!

5-9 servings of fresh fruit and vege (9 servings is the USDA daily minimum now!)
1 tomato = 1 serving. And be sure to aim for dark green leafies like purple kale (Mild taste compared to green kale), broccoli, red cabbage and etc!

Hand full of fats (try to do whole food fats like the seeds aforementioned, otherwise you can look at an omega-3 supplement which is vegan and algae-based (the brand Deva does a great one, one can order it from

Drink loads of herbal tea like Hibiscus, rosehip or green teas ( green tea does inhibit iron intake, so try to add citrus to your iron meals e.g Orange Juice when eating your salad! Or lemon dressing (favorite when blended with tahini!) (more of a concern for women due to menstruation)). Check out nutritional yeast also, as nuts a good source of b-vitamins, so are dates but the yeast is cheap and potent... kind of tastes like cheese! there are vegan chese recipes for the yeast too.


Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
4 6 Feb 2012
Scratch the green tea! If your allergic to caffeine stick with herbal!