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Today: What did you do to ease the suffering in the world?

Be it big or small, what did you do to ease some-'things' pain?

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Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
1 7 Feb 2012
G'day Australia!

I say that as at the present I am far from Perth, the hometown. Currently traveling abroad, in Alaska, where it is averaging -1 to -10 celsius.
Not long ago, someone from this forum sent me to the where there is loads of info about how veganism functions today world-wide and how it originated. Something that came up is the constant endeavor to reduce cruelty in every mode of life, be it a shampoo ingredient to a food additive.
Ahimsa is a sanskrit word for Non-violence, now veganism and ahimsa seem to get along quite nicely and so please, I ask anyone interested, share today what you did for another lifeform.
How you eased their suffering in mending a leg, paying someone a tip, giving advice, replacing a lip-balm and simply giving a compliment. Please share your stories and inspire others to do the same.


Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
2 7 Feb 2012
This may need to be placed into the context of 'suffering'. My partner arrived home two weeks ago, whilst I am still abroad. She emailed me that my family are concerned for my welfare and if I were to contact them they would insist that I come home asap.

Today I skyped my family for the first time in two months, they had little clue to whether I was alive or dead, healthy or crippled, happy or dismayed. Speaking to them today, they learnt anew that I love them, and wish only to greedily spend more time with them, sharing things learnt and the things forgotten. I could not ask for a greater gift.

The looks on their faces when the skype video worked and we could see each others faces, was enough to move the very mountains outside this bedroom window.

Namaste cloud9

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
3 8 Feb 2012
today i'm making tote bags for myself and others out of old fabric from op shops - so, i'm recycling, not putting money into companies that spend money on advertising marketed at teenage girls to make them feel less than worthy unless they own the coolest clothes, but most importantly im not buying into sweat shops and human labour.

I'm also going to do some major tending to my food garden - so, not putting money into companies like coles, no gasses or Gm, no packaging at all, cheaper, and if there is a surplus then the neighbors will get some too.

everything you really do does have some sort of imprint

Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
4 8 Feb 2012
Lars said:
everything you really do does have some sort of imprint
Fantastic to hear Lars, this is a little inspiration to get back home and tend to the herb garden! Maybe even start up a veggie patch. Kudos on making the tote-bags, we have been using the IGA and etc totes for everything but grocery shopping! Next step, make our own.

Thank you for the tips!

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 12 Feb 2012


My stories are the worst, but.

I was in Renmark recently gardening and so anyway, I was doing a wander around looking for some photo shots while I had some time free. I was staring around the new side garden beds and what not for any new flowers popping up.

But instead this.. the word came to mind "wetter?" or cricket I think, popped out of some subterranean place and ran towards me. I was kind of... well it happened in a way that made me keep looking at where it came from.

Sure enough this black wasp crawled out and went off into the garden bed where as the insect was running away form it... I moved out the way so it didn't crawl up me. Also I like getting out of way of bugs.

It looped back towards the side garden and when it got close... like as if it was anticipated the black wasp flew out of no where it seemed and pounced the critter.

Crawling over it... I got this idea then that the wasp had found it underground and stung it, hence the hasty exit. As the wasp crawled over it, the cricket thing seemed slightly paralyzed... like it was getting tiny stings, but it is well armored.

These tiny black ants were about.. and congregating a little. Then the wasp jumped off, then when it got back on seemed precisely intent... and I think sting the wetter right in the vulnerable neck area where it had no shielding.

It was then paralyzed... the tiny ants were gathering around it... and the wasp eventually hopped off and went away.

I was thinking A. It was laying eggs but why doom the critter? B. the critter had found a wasp nest under ground, I had seen wasps being odd around certain patches like looking for a nesting site.. and when it rains an air bubble makes a hole out of the soil and think i've seen wasps around them.

Anyway... I was taking photos.
Normally I avoid anything I  don't want to look at later.. but I was getting practice and I thought it had merits.

Poor critter, but it got up and seemed to get lively once the wasp left, slowly clambering away under grass and getting the ants off... but I didn't really want to watch the whole saga. So last I saw it had one tiny ant left and it was getting more pace back in its' movement.

The other story is just about inch ants, interacting with small ants in an odd way and involving bread I put down to distract them from me taking photos. But they.. well ONE" to begin with... stopped what it was doing and took up the task of investigating me.. before alerting another... which it later did and they both just stared at me.. pretending to walk one way but sure enough make their way toward me.. like my eyes only see something intently walking towards me, heh. It was interesting for several reasons but I don't think you want to hear about ants tongue


So here is Sad picture of Wetter, some Bees and a Happy snap shot of the most charismatic doggies i've ever meetennn, they wandering explore together.. soooo cuuuteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make my day more lifely and full seeing them running home all wet, obviously from a self initiated swim.

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
6 12 Feb 2012
haha could have just said you tried to save a wetter

but good job!

Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
7 12 Feb 2012
Great shots Casper, the cricket had its story told.

Today brought an adventure to the place the beloved first lived, we went on a journey around Anchorage, Alaska to see how the family began and discussed where the family is now.
Whether this alleviated pain is unknown, but to have shared such an experience with someone certainly brought peace inside.

Mother-in-law and I went grocery shopping , where we educated each other about ingredients and debated which toothpaste to get.
Companionship  clap

At the checkout the service rep was a troubled fellow, we simply asked how he was, and he left with a piece of a full smile. Amazing what a genuine enquiry can do for some one.