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Native Animal Wildlife Experience

In Sydney

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Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
1 8 Feb 2012
hey guys!

I've just started Animal Studies at tafe and we have to abotu 40hrs work exp

I'm interested int working with native animals in some capacity however there seems to be very little in the way of clinics/places that deal with native animals, rescue/rehab, it's all only volunteers working out of home.

which sucks because native animals are so important, there should be a place where they treat  them etc.

anyhoo does anyone have any idea in the Sydney Region or near that might be good to try?

I've tried wires, Sydney Wildlife, Featherdale (they do, but for a week and it conflicts with study), Symbio & the reptile park is prob too far away


..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
2 8 Feb 2012
I'm not too sure what your wildlife management area is called in NSW, (Office of Environment and Heritage?) but find out, and give them a call. They might know of wildlife rescue sanctuaries that are close to you, and are volunteer friendly. Try to avoid wildlife parks, there's a big difference between a park and a sanctuary. Parks are in it for the money, sanctuaries are in it for the animals.

I did that course last year, but I did mine directly through the wildlife sanctuary. And it was great, working with wildlife is a fun and rewarding area, particularly if you get involved with rescuing wildlife. It's impossible to not enjoy working with wildlife.

Sorry I can't help more, but I do think calling up NSW's wildlife management branch is your best option.

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
3 8 Feb 2012
yeah I would like to avoid park-y places (although many of them are "parks and sanctuaries") but i really need experience with native animals.

Im thinking MAYBE Featherdale as I know they do take and rehab native animals as do the reptile park.

Gosh there is no winning! I don't want to work with companion animals :S

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
4 8 Feb 2012
I didn't even think of it but I just sent a email to Edgars Mission, you never know.

fingers crossed

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
5 6 Mar 2012

Im doing a weeks work experience at Featherdale after all, thought i'd list some of the positive things i've found so far.

The baby chicks that they use for feeding are the male "waste chicks" from Red Lea Chickens

Many of the birds, rabbits, reptiles are actually surrenders or rescues, many of them wouldn't be safe if let free

They are really good at reusing things as best they can i.e koala leaves are taken out after a day, turned into mulch for the gardens, the leaves they rake up are used in enclosures and some of the waste in cleaner animal enclosures are reused for others.

Many of the enclosures are very good, as far as enclosures go, lots of enrichment, natural surrounding recreated

they used wild/feral rabbits for their tassie devils as opposed to farmed.

they take in injured animals from all around the greater sydney area, as well as surrenders

as far as animal parks go, sure beats a zoo!