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charity work/ working with animals in ballarat

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Celia Kate Celia Kate VIC Posts: 22
1 10 Feb 2012
i'm 12 and i live in ballarat what are the easiest most effective and and closest way to get into charity or work with animals?

Celia Kate Celia Kate VIC Posts: 22
2 11 Feb 2012
seriously no one can think of anything in ballarat?  nothing at all? thanks for the help! cry

Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
3 11 Feb 2012
Hello Celia, unfortunately I am not local to ballarat, however options that work for any region are cat and dog havens, sometimes they like people to come in and play with the animals, same can go for rehabilitation efforts. With the help of someone you trust, browse the internet for your local animal sanctuaries, maybe even a rangers office, and they may be able to help you look after some either wild-life or some abused domestic animals. Due to your age you may need an older sibling or relative to come with you, but take on the initiative to contact these places with supervision.