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Cruelty-Free Acrylic Nails?

I need information and alternatives.

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Kacey Michelle Kacey Michelle NSW Posts: 92
1 25 Feb 2012
Okay. So it never even occurred to me that acrylic nails might involve animal products, but apparently they do, because I was reading the finishing spray and there was mink oil. I am not a vegan, however I do still want to make more cruelty-free choices. So I have two questions.

Firstly, in what ways/products/practices is the process of acrylic nails/infills cruel to animals. Meaning in what general products do they use chemicals and such from animals. I've tried googling and can't really find much information apart from the fact they AREN'T vegan, but I can't find out WHY they aren't.

Secondly, is there a way to get cruelty-free acrylic nails? Are there products I could buy myself and take into the store?, etc.

Anyone who can help: I would appreciate it so much.

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
2 25 Feb 2012
Are gel nails any better?  I don't know the process but I've read on some beauty blogs that women who are cruelty free use gels or gel polishes instead of actylics.

One woman said she loves OPI Axxium, another Gelish by Hand & Nail Harmony.  These aren't gel nails, but they are gel polishes - go on like a polish but act like a gel e.g. they still need UV cure.  No finishing spray except for alcohol to remove tacky residue.

Not sure if this helps (I can't even find the blog I read this on - sorry).

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
3 25 Feb 2012
I found a store in USA that has vegan & cruelty-free gel polishes etc & they're recognised by PETA.  Website is -

They don't seem to have anyone using them in Australia, however, I did a test run on the checkout & they do ship to Oz.  If you know how to do gel polishes this may be the way to go, if not maybe google so you can diy.  It's fairly exxy, but that's what I'd expect as it's not a mainstream product.

I don't think many nail techs would accept another products they haven't been trained in because if they use the wrong lamp with it, it may cause burns to your nails.

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
4 25 Feb 2012
My bad - I just tried to purchase from Nubar & they don't ship to International addresses (they should take the Australia optino off their website then  cry)

Kacey Michelle Kacey Michelle NSW Posts: 92
5 25 Feb 2012
Thank you for all the information, and the effort you went to for this. I will look into gels, I don't really know anything about it. But its worth researching. love