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Moving out of home.

adelaide people

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mushroomfeilds mushroomfeilds SA Posts: 320
1 27 Feb 2012
hello hello,
i have a few questions about moving out of home in Adelaide.
first of all, is anyone interested in moving to kind william street and paying around $185 rent weekly?. its fully furnished. I am 17 and doing year 12 so i am looking for someone relatively quiet because ill be studying most of the time i would be in the apartment.

secondly does anyone know how much the indapendant living payments are when you are underage? and will they still give it to your if your parents are still going to pay your school fees?

lastly, does anyone know of any jobs going that pay at least $14 an hour for casual work?

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
2 27 Feb 2012
Isn't it illegal to pay less than 14$ per Hr

Also I think if you're talking with your parents, rent assistance is minimal,
why not apply to get the same fund to pay your school fees?

Why not go around to all the healthy Vegan stores in ADL and apply?
Central market etc?

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
3 27 Feb 2012
You should be entitled to receive youth allowance payments. You'll receive a maximum of $402.70 a fortnight if you're single with no children, and living away from home.
I don't think your parents paying for your schooling would effect that payment, but if it does it just means you will receive less money.

I wouldn't suggest moving out until you have a job though. Unless your parents are going to help with your expenses then $400 a fortnight is not much to live on when you counter in rent, bills, food etc. (I know you're looking for a job, so you probably already know this but I just thought I would mention it anyway  peace)

You can also apply for rent assistance with centrelink.

Tiah Tiah SA Posts: 45
4 27 Feb 2012
Talk to Centrelink.. But I highly doubt they're going to give you money if you aren't living away from home (more than 90km away from your  parents house) to study. You won't get recognised as "independent" by the government because your parents are legally obliged to support you. This link here explains how you can gain independence from your parents:

I live 420km away from home (I live in Adelaide now) to study at university and I'm about to turn 19 and the government still recognizes me as dependent on my parents. I receive Youth Allowance + Rent Assistance but that's only because my parent's income comes under the cut off for families with 2 full time student dependents with one living away from home. But even then, my youth allowance doesn't cover my living costs and I have to work a job aswell.

As far as youth allowance goes, unless your parents have very low income ( then you won't be granted any government support like youth allowance, and even if you do, I highly doubt you'll receive enough to cover your rent of $185 per week unfortunately.

Another tip: I lived in the city last year while I was studying, just down the road from King William Road and found that the environment wasn't very quiet, especially at night with all the pubs and nightclubs.

Hope all this information helps, but you will need to lodge a claim with Centrelink for Youth Allowance (you can do this online through their website) but you will need to know all your parents income details and provide these to centrelink.

As for jobs going, I recommend you try and send your resume into places in Rundle Mall.

Hope all this information helps!

5 27 Feb 2012
I was classed as independent from my mother when I was 16 years old due to a family breakdown. It's the only way to really get any kind of assistance if you want to be living away and getting money to support yourself.

I agree with the above though, get the job before you move out if you and your parents are on good terms.