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Whips in horce racing

An email response

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DaveQB DaveQB NSW Posts: 287
1 28 Feb 2012
Who else got this email response?

Good morning,

Thank you for your email on the issue of the use of the whip. However, your views are misguided as the whip is padded and does not cause pain to the horse.

There is no-one more concerned with the health and welfare of racehorses than the participants in the Thoroughbred Industry.  The idea of inflicting pain on a horse is even more abhorrent to them than it is for the general community.  The study you refer to is statistically inaccurate.

Your views are appreciated but are already foremost in the policies and actions of Racing NSW and the racing community at large.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter V'landys
Chief Executive Officer
Racing NSW

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
2 28 Feb 2012
what the actual frick?

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
3 29 Feb 2012
i got the same email responce :/

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 29 Feb 2012
Ahh what......?
I would email them back asking what the purpose of using a whip is if it doesn't cause the horse any pain.

Also why have laws been introduced to regulate when and how often jockeys are allowed to whip the horses. If it doesn't cause the horses any pain then these laws would not have been introduced.

Kacey Michelle Kacey Michelle NSW Posts: 92
5 29 Feb 2012
I got it as well -___-

Jane Jane SA Posts: 168
6 29 Feb 2012
Pretty amazing huh?

Along with new rules to reduce whip use, came the introduction of what is called the ‘padded whip’. It sounds nicer but it is *still a whip and there is no evidence to suggest they don’t cause pain or injury.*
Why would jockeys use them if they didn’t hurt?
Regardless, when the shaft of the ‘padded whip’ comes into contact with the horse, this certainly would cause a similar level of pain as a conventional whip.

Also did you even mention a study in your email to them?

This goes to show how much these industry reps don't even have the decency to read emails some of the time!
In case you're interested in a study though, this one has been peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal. "Statistically inaccurate" studies would rarely be published in a peer reviewed journal. To read the entire paper, authored by a well-respected professor and veterinarian, click here:

Basically it concludes that whipping a horse has absolutely no bearing on where they will place in a horse race whatsoever - hence there is no reason to use them at all (not that going faster would even BE a reason to flog an animal!)

Kerry4 Kerry4 VIC Posts: 5
7 17 Mar 2012
I never support horse racing. I hate the whole industry. If whips did not cause pain then why use them? The argument posed by the horse racing industry is completely hypocritical. Whips are simply used for the purpose of forcing the horse to gallop at the highest speed that it possibly can. And you have to ask the question - for such a lucrative industry that profits millions, why are they so defensive about ensuring 'the whip' is not banned?

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
8 17 Mar 2012
I might have to get a hold of one of these whips, and go visit this a-hole who sent the note informing us all that the whips don't hurt. Then, I'll jump on his back in front of 40,000 intoxicated cashed-up bogans, flog his arse senseless, then analyse any empirical evidence of pain response.

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
9 17 Mar 2012
As part of my Tafe course I've been studying positive and negative reinforcement. Apparently this is how the whip works, horses respond best (as in, doing what humans want, not what they want) to a negative stimulus (a whip) rather than a positive stimulus (a treat), horses are flight animals, and the whip initiates their fear mode. They fear the pain. The jockey whips the horse, the horse runs faster to get away from this negative stimulus, the jockey gets what he wants and the horse is supposedly 'rewarded' by the negative stimulus no longer being present. I'm not sure how accurate this is, it's merely my understanding. But if my understanding is correct, then yes, whips do hurt and should be banned!

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
10 19 Mar 2012
The only time I would ever understand (not agree with) the use of a whip would be if the animal was out of control whilst in a race.. however I don't really understand how that would help in any way either...
Not like the races promote gambling, and all the mental and family issues related with gambling addiction already, they simply have to cause their horses pain to make them go faster and satisfy these unstable gamblers mixed with the "Sensible" types. *sigh*