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Ugg boots from China


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Jade Simpson Jade Simpson QLD Posts: 13
1 3 Mar 2012
I see that Ugg boots from China  are made from a raccoon dog that has been skinned alive.

The meat from dogs that have been beaten and skinned alive is sold to Taiwan to be used in restaurants as the 'fragrant meat'!

I bet there are alot of chicks who wear these boots that don't know that face. Does anyone want to start a facebook campaign of awareness? I'll share it with all my friends and get the word out.

If you guys like Animal Welfare groups try taking a look at Soi Dog, here is their link
they do some amazing work rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade.

Rowan011 Rowan011 WA Posts: 92
2 4 Mar 2012
Hey thanks for starting this thread. I donated to SoiDog