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I got an anonymous note....

Threatening to kill my cat.

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xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
21 15 Mar 2012
Update....I got my stepdad to doorknock the block and ask if anyone had a problem with the cats....everyone else pretty much was OK but next door there was no answer and we knew they were home...

BTW....I have 7 cats , and a pet door- they are all indoor/outdoor cats . This is the first time they've lived in the suburbs - they were all born on farms (except my new rescue kitty). This was only suppose to be a short term living arrangement . After the note my dad has agreed to possibly help me financially rent a house on acreage, might be looking at it this weekend *fingers crossed*

I have 2 indoor litter trays and we put sand in the back yard.

thanks for your advice etc...ill go back through and read that argument above now :p

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
22 15 Mar 2012
Mean people wear fur said:
On topic, if after talking to your neighbour you're still having issues, it might be a good idea to get the authorities involved. There's no need to resort to petty things like notes saying that they're going to kill your animal companion. If they had a problem they should have brought it up with you, not acted like immature brats. IMO, that's the real issue here.
totally agree...with all your posts in this thread.

i dont have the finance to stick trackers to them, or to stop them leaving the yard or put massive enclosures in the backyard...

The best thing I can do is move...ive been meaning to for a while anyway and this is just the 'nail in the coffin' . Heres hoping i find somewhere soon :/

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
23 16 Mar 2012
Sticky situation.

For my two bob: we have three Burmese cats and they are not allowed outside. I understand that your cats have been raised out in the sticks, and I sympathise with that position. When we relocated into town, our big male moggy still maintained a territory around the same size as his previous patch, which was huge. Sometimes I would find him out in the middle of the forest when my friends and I were building forts and what not.

There was very little we could do... try to keep the cats safe (as best you can), and as they age they'll hang around the house more. If the threats seem too serious for your liking, get the authorities involved. In my opinion the original note left in your letterbox is far too disturbing, and I see no shame in referring it to the relevant authorities.

Good luck... and give your kittehs a pat from us.

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