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The new LIE of a KFC ad

Here's the letter I wrote

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Haaayyyllleeeyyy Haaayyyllleeeyyy VIC Posts: 41
1 14 Mar 2012
Not sure who has seen the new add but here's the outraged letter I just wrote

Dear Whome it may concearn,

I've just seen your new add on T.V where KFC employee's are running around with chickens on a farm and at the end of the Ad the slogan is "Free range."

This is completely misleading and in-fact a complete lie. Free range chickens do not run around on farms, getting food, care and love. The nature of the situation is actually thousands of chickens jammed into barns, given growth hormones wich torture and kill these hens slowly.

This image of safe and happy 'free range' chickens should not be promoted. There's a reason you do not see igham with advertisments like these; Because it's a flat out lie to how these chickens actually live.

Your brand is in the type of situation where you can either raise awareness to how these chooks are really being treated, or turn a blind eye to feed your own pockets.

I encourage you to look more into the sitation and find out more about the TRUE free range chickens, which are actually labeled organic.

If these ad's do not cease, I will be contacting people higher in the company until these ad's stop!

Thank you.

Danielafreeme Danielafreeme VIC Posts: 12
2 14 Mar 2012
Will check it out sounds terrible and will spread the word, evil bastards

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
3 14 Mar 2012
Good job! I just about spat my food out when I saw that add on tv, and couldn't help laughing at the stupid adds in the actual shop about how good their free range chicken is (My grandparents wanted KFC. I opted to wait until we got home to make a cheaper, bigger, yummier and healthier lunch....). Ok, it spelled pretty good (my first time in kfc for a long time), but didn't look so nice to me when i had the image of factory farmed chickens being debeaked, living in their waste, being slaughters because humans can't control their taste buds wink

They say their team went out to the farm to see the chickens. I don't think they actually said that the farm in the picture was the one they visited. Nor did they say that that particular farm was the one they got their meat from. And most likely, that was just your average factory farm that found a nice spot to shoot an add with a few lucky chickens. Lucky chickens who will probably now be wishing to be outside again, when they are instead stuck in a barn.

It's misleading advertising though really. Same with those steggles ads. Needs to be stopped, otherwise people are going to think they are doing the right thing by buying their products. On the other hand though, it looks llike the meat industry is trying to win people over, because more and more people are becoming aware of how horribly animals are being treated for a quite 5 minute meal.

tonijosephine tonijosephine VIC Posts: 80
4 14 Mar 2012
KFC (Komplete F*cking C#$&%*#)

End of story.

(Also good job!)

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
5 15 Mar 2012
Totally against KFC, it's interesting that this ad is around, as they have been busted before for false advertising.
Just remember, not all free range chooks are lies, but there are definitley plenty of loop holes for people to call their chicken free range when it is not the stereotypical free range most people would assume it to be.
Perhaps ask KFC what their definition of free range is? Any joe blogg can claim their meat is free range but people need to look for the certifications.
OR, simpler again, just go vege wink

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
6 15 Mar 2012
How many times do they do this? It must work really well for them, even for the short time the ads are allowed to stay on air. I wrote a post about another KFC ad with the same "free range" claims only a little while ago. They were busted and the ad was taken off air.

Theodora Theodora VIC Posts: 47
7 15 Mar 2012
It's just as well that I never eat KFC !

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
8 16 Mar 2012
tonijosephine said:
KFC (Komplete F*cking C#$&%*#)
How the hell did I not come up with that?! Couldn't be any closer to the truth.

The ad is a total crock. I don't know how many poultry farms I worked on, but they sure never looked like that. Some of the "better" ones were more like the farms depicted on the Steggles ads, if people have seen those. However, it doesn't matter what the flipping farm looks like, the same practices go from place to place. The vaccination process is unnecessarily harmful, debeaking still occurs, and young roosters are terminated in exponential quantities.

Stuff like this makes me shouty.

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
9 20 Mar 2012
Ugh this ad was just on. I cannot believe they can actually show it. God it makes me mad!! I would love to set up a tv in a KFC one day and actually show staff and customers exactly where their 'free range' chicken comes from. I bet they would love to know how they lived and died IN PAIN!! Free range my ***. Sorry. Bit of a sore point... angry

Christina3 Christina3 NSW Posts: 128
10 20 Mar 2012
Yeah, I sort of had to do a double take when I saw that ad.

Good job happy

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