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Honey? Yes or no?

What are your thoughts?

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Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
31 25 Apr 2012
Ohhhhhhh I see , thanks Casper happy  sorry sometimes ya gotta be a bit "obvious" with me lol ... X O x o

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
32 25 Apr 2012
Ashlyn said:
Anon said:
Not many people realise that the extraction of honey from bees is just as horrible and cruel as any other form of cruelty that we see, such as factory farming, etc. After honey is extracted it is replaced with a crappy alternative, sugar syrup or the like. Bees cannot tolerate it. They have problems conceiving, and any babies they do have, they are at risk of horrible problems/birth defects. Honey is not only important as a source of food, but it's important to the survival of their species, and as we all know bees are a very important part of our ecosystem. Without them, we would have no flowers, no life really.
I'm sure we've all seen Bee Movie...?
im vegan and dont eat honey, but just so you know bees aren't important for our ecosystem.these bees are feral to Australia, we have natives bees here, but the feral bee takes every chance they have for survival.they also steal hollow logs which our native birds need to nesting...
I've talked to some pretty bright people.. esp in the Native Flora field and not even they know the native from foreign. Aren't commercial Honey bees here Australian? Or did they come over with the British? It is European bees that are most a threat, one main part of their life-cycle is infesting other species of bees' hives and basically causing chaos until it collapses.

I've been trying to catch a very cute little wiggly bee which I only see in wild settings... I can't decide if this would be the Aus native bee... it looks abit like the loch ness here, but this is the best I've been able to do so far. Compared to this spider: and this stuck moth on the same Aus native bush:

it isn't as sharp as it could be.. but they are so swift! only spending about 5ms-15ms in each flower.

so are these bees not Australian honey beeez?

Empathy Empathy United States Posts: 18
33 27 Apr 2012
I wanted to know your thoughts on honey and if you consider that vegan or not :3

Me>>>>No Honey

[ADMIN EDIT: Threads merged]

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
34 27 Apr 2012
IF you would be interested, clicking on the search button towards the right underneath the black bar with your name etc you can type in the words honey, and search it under forums, there are heaps of posts about this topic. peace for instance
Above are four different forum posts on the topic. peace

Empathy Empathy United States Posts: 18
35 27 Apr 2012

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
36 27 Apr 2012
When the Egyptians built pyramids and archaeologists found out the true nature of the structures they couldn't believe or nor did they want to,so they buried the Vegan truth on this far far away.

These were the buildings or laboratories if you will where the Pharaohs commissioned
the making of the Honey, that was then taught to their organic robots.

The Egyptians being Human and thus animal themselves, making the honey, made it very unVegan and unhealthy at the time; they knew this would cause much alarm and even disdain in the future.

So they decided to use devices and implements which made them indirectly create the substance, with out being directly articulate with it.

Thus... next time you see a Bee, give it a tweak on the nipple.
This is the secret pass code wink wink that the Animal head Gods installed.

Just like when you see a Dog owner enjoying a refreshing transmission of saliva on their face and mouths, the bees would carry back the flower essence, like eating a piece of bread a bird has brought to them, the Egyptians felt very sexy.

So that concludes it... Honey is as Vegan as Silk or even Wool:
which are NOT.

Coco-Cola is the only truly Vegan product, because it is made by monkeys,
this is why Organic produce are the only with the True-Vegan tick of approval.

I assume this thread is going to be deleted.

Professor S.A.D of Lolology signing out of this post.

beep boop boop

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
37 27 Apr 2012
hahah awesome, I love Unleashed moderators ~s2~


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