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Kacey Michelle Kacey Michelle NSW Posts: 92
1 2 Apr 2012
On a lot of petitions I see fake signatures, especially people saying they are well known or dead celebrities. So I'm interested to see how people feel about 'fake signatures' on petitions. Do you feel it's okay, because it gives more signatures to a good cause, or do you maybe feel that it mocks, or takes the seriousness out of an issue, and makes the fight for what's right less legitimate?

Kacey Michelle Kacey Michelle NSW Posts: 92
3 3 Apr 2012
I'm a bit the same. Though I think it's better if people are legitimate with petitions and such as it gives a real outline about how many people actually care: and whether more focus needs to be on getting the message out more or not.

Jordana. Jordana. QLD Posts: 45
4 3 Apr 2012
Could they potentially damage the legitimacy of the petition itself? I'm not sure. I do agree though that fake signatures do make the issue in question seem less serious. :/

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
5 14 Sep 2012
I don't really  see a problem with it. It is just another signature.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
6 14 Sep 2012
it isn't good if people are singing (edit: or even signing!) more than once

although it simply makes up for the people who don't see the petition, don't feel tech savy or capable of expressing their beliefs or have no internet

the people who these things are used to influence already take into account these variables this is why 20,000 votes on a petition can mean SO much...

so I think there should be a better way of concealing ones identity and also assuring people only sign once...

this could easily be done with an IP signature so you don't have to give out details which is the main reason to fudge them

but also people shouldn't go about ways of voting twice then like changing IP, so it must be on a trust basis but they first should implement better ways of people being able to sign anonymously

alot of these issues are based on 'stopping violent people from their heinous acts' so it just makes people uncomfortable marginalizing themselves as being exposed to the unknown angry peoples

who could easily hack these poorly guarded polling websites

emileee emileee NSW Posts: 514
7 14 Sep 2012
je ne comprends pas said:
To me it's like those vegans who are only vegan because of health reasons, not animal rights.
Yeah, damn those people who want to live a healthy life. How selfish of them. SMH  tongue

IndiGirl IndiGirl QLD Posts: 35
8 22 Sep 2012
Most organisations ignore online petitions for this very reason.  When people take the time to write a letter and send it in, or even sign a paper petition where they can be witnessed signing once, these are what the organisations take seriously.