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Is it just me....

Is unleashed like the animal rights friends and family you've never had!

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Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
11 8 Apr 2012
I have vego philosophy teachers at Uni, so I do get to chat about the vegie lifestyle with people other than my other half. However, Unleashed is a great little place to come and see how other like-minded folks are getting along in the world.

Also nice to find some new recipes and contribute any advice I may be able to give!

Sarah19 Sarah19 VIC Posts: 62
12 10 Apr 2012
It is so great to have someone say that. happy Yes I Feel alone alot too.

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
13 11 Apr 2012
I think I actually may check this forum more that FB now...That says something! laugh

Hannahcolby Hannahcolby NSW Posts: 93
14 18 Jun 2012
its definately giving me hope and inspiration! its so good to talk to people who think the same as i do. I think with a change of life that is so major you need support to keep you going, and i guess hope that what your doing is saving lives. I never knew there was so many people who were veg. I love it! happy

GoldAutumn GoldAutumn NSW Posts: 137
15 5 Jul 2012
Mel17 said:
I just want to say that unleashed and it's members have filled a huge void in my life. Thankyou happy do people feel the same way?
I came upon this site a few days ago and i can spend hours sitting here reading posts and articles. Not one person in my life, friend or family, is a vegetarian or vegan and i've always felt misunderstood and like an outcast. Finding like-minded people on here has really lifted my spirits happy

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
16 7 Jul 2012
I've been on Unleashed for a pretty long time now, and occasionally I disappear for a while, because life gets crazy, but it's always pretty wonderful coming back here. I've been inspired anew in the past couple of days by this forum. It's really re-energised me and rekindled my passion for animal rights.

Haha, I look at some of the older threads from when I was fifteen, and wow, I have grown up in the past few years. Now I see threads posted by kids who were a lot like me and I can't wait to see how this forum helps them grow and develop as it did me.

It's a wonderful community and a lot of that is thanks to the Unleashed staff that work so hard to make it an inspiring, encouraging and welcoming environment.

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