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Random question for vegans that popped into my head

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Lee96 Lee96 QLD Posts: 55
1 13 Apr 2012
So, I was just thinking about this the other day and it got stuck in my head.

Would you, as vegans, drink/eat eggs and dairy if the animals that produced it were raised by you?

Lets say you own a plot of land, and on that plot of land live a cow and a chicken which you feed and provide shelter. If you knew that these animals were healthy, free from suffering and would not be slaughtered for their meat, would you eat their milk/eggs?

Christina3 Christina3 NSW Posts: 128
2 13 Apr 2012
I hope you don't mind me answering, I'm not vegan but I DEFINITELY will be once I'm 18.

I would probably eat the eggs, but not the dairy. Dairy is fattening and strips calcium from the bones. It also can lead to a number of diseases.

Lee96 Lee96 QLD Posts: 55
3 13 Apr 2012
Christina3 said:
I hope you don't mind me answering, I'm not vegan but I DEFINITELY will be once I'm 18.

I would probably eat the eggs, but not the dairy. Dairy is fattening and strips calcium from the bones. It also can lead to a number of diseases.
Same here, I am vegetarian but hope to become vegan when I am 18/live in my own place.

Thanks for answering.

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
4 13 Apr 2012
Heya, although cruelty and animal wise it sounds ok (it's non vegan to do this though)  and I wouldn't judge others for doing so, I personally will never eat an egg again, they're a chicken thing , I am a human happy   happy happy happy xo

*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
5 13 Apr 2012
I do own land and have my own hens. They came from an egg farm. I don't eat their eggs but my husband does. I also give them away so more people aren't supporting bigger industries.
When I became a vegan my Mum told me I should get a cow and milk it, after all that's how she was raised. For a cow to produce milk it needs to have a calf every year. What do you do with the calf every year? When my fences are fixed (from last years floods) I want to rescue bobby calves. No way will I go back to consuming dairy. Even if I knew the cows were treated extremely well, who would want to live their whole lives being pregnant?

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
6 14 Apr 2012
is this meant to be a paradox?

as Vegans???

you should say as animal lovers.... would you stop being Vegan,
if you knew that ethical issues were resolved and you were involved...

but then you can add.... would you eat a pig you've raised half your life...

then BAM you're back into country life....

it isn't new wave for people to milk cows and have chickens for eggs you know..

Veganism is a little more matured than that... being 'Animal Lovers'...
is what you're looking for.

Mel17 Mel17 SA Posts: 98
7 14 Apr 2012
I would never do that. A mothers milk is for her baby. I just don't get how people think it's ok to continually milk a cow when we would never do that to ourselves. Just as our milk dries up, so would a cows once her calf is weaned. As for eggs....same thing. They belong to the chickens. I am a vegan because I love animals.

Brettski Brettski VIC Posts: 53
8 14 Apr 2012
Even if the cruelty factor was eliminated from eating eggs and drinking milk I would not revert back to vegetarianism.

- Are Chicken ovulations
- Are > 50% fat
- Are high in LDL cholesterol (the kind that clogs arteries)
- Some studies show strong links to type 2 diabetes
- Some studies show strong links to various cancers

- Humans are not meant to drink other species milk
- Human adults are not meant to drink milk at all (...except for David Walliams)
- Cow's milk is full of fat, cholesterol and hormones
- Cow's milk contains herbicides, pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels)
- Cow's milk contains blood, pus, feces, bacteria and viruses
- The protein in milk has been found to be the lead cause of certain types of cancer growth
- Cow's milk has been linked to leukemia, diabetes, heart disease and crohn's disease (to name a few)
- Cow's milk is highly acidic, the body neutralises the acid by leeching calcium phosphate from our bones. The phosphate combats the acid from the milk and the calcium is urinated out, leading me to;
- Cow's milk is the leading cause of Osteoporosis
- Cow's milk is full of casomorphin (a type of morphine), scientists are not quite sure what effect of this has on humans yet but there is already some evidence linking this to autism and schizophrenia

I didn't add citations for these points but please feel free to google this stuff yourselves. I find there is enough evidence to make me think twice about it even with all the contradicting studies (I'm sure they don't have an axe to grind, pardon my pun).

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
9 14 Apr 2012
No. Definitely not. Even I would never milk a cow for starters that's just totally wrong. But just say it was totally cruelty free and I had absolutely no concerns about that at all (which I think is the point you're getting at) I still wouldn't. Even though I did not turn vegan initially for health reasons, I love the health benefits so therefore would never go back. Milk and eggs are extremely unhealthy and should not be consumed by humans in my opinion. So no, definitely not.

Alyssa Alyssa VIC Posts: 296
10 14 Apr 2012
As others have said, cows need to be pregnant to produce milk, so I wouldn't consume dairy. But I might eat the eggs. More than likely I would just give them away so that my friends and family wouldn't buy eggs. I am so used to not eating them now that I think it might be weird to start eating them again. I don't even know if I would like the taste. But if I did crave eggs one day and my chicken had just laid one, I don't see a problem with eating it. My only worry is that this would reaffirm others belief that animals are here for our use, so then perhaps for consistency I wouldn't eat it. Obviously I am a bit conflicted about such issues tongue

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