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Calf Rennet

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NathantheContrarian NathantheContrarian NSW Posts: 3
1 18 Apr 2012
This may seem obtuse of me but is most cheese made by using calf rennet

Mel17 Mel17 SA Posts: 98
2 18 Apr 2012
I've been a vegan for a few years now but occasionally I will still check ingredients on cheese labels. From what I can see...they pretty much all use it. When I did eat cheese I used to get nimbin cheese, rennet free.

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
3 18 Apr 2012
You would be right in assuming so.
The vegetarian one I know is Coles own, 'Tasty'. It even says Vegetarian on the packaging.
It would be at every one of their stores, which is convenient for you.

Brettski Brettski VIC Posts: 53
4 18 Apr 2012
More and more are using non-animal based rennet. All cheeses are clearly labelled in the supermarkets, but yes vegetarians are running that risk every time they eat cheese.

Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
5 18 Apr 2012
NathantheContrarian said:
This may seem obtuse of me but is most cheese made by using calf rennet
Hi Nathan,
Not an obtuse Q at all.  I actually emailed Coon cheese regarding their chees & this is the email I received back from them (as my partner insists he "needs" dairy to get his calcium requirements as he doesn't believe dairy actually leaches calcium from his bones)

"Thank you very much for your recent contact regarding our Coon cheese.

We wish to advise that if in the ingredient statement “Enzyme (rennet)” or “Rennet” is quoted then it is animal rennet (from a cow source).

Otherwise “Enzyme” it is non-animal / microbial source.

We trust this information is useful to you. Once again, thank you for contacting National Foods."

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
6 18 Apr 2012
Devondale Tasty is rennet free as well happy

I love Coles, because they tell you if their food is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Their tasty cheese is good. I have either Devondale or Coles Tasty, depending which is on sale.

Sarah19 Sarah19 VIC Posts: 62
7 19 Apr 2012
Nimbin is great. Also Dairy farmers has macrio- bionic rennet from plants. It says it clearly on the pack hun... ohhhh god I am craving some cheese right now, Aghhh pregnancy, xxx.

Brettski Brettski VIC Posts: 53
8 19 Apr 2012
Sarah19 said:
Nimbin is great.
There's already a thread for "natural herbs". peace_out

Madixoxoxo Madixoxoxo QLD Posts: 31
9 9 Jul 2012
Yep, Coles are pretty great like that. I have their instant meals like spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Has a giant (V) on the side for vegetarian and also on the back, specifies the kind of enzymes used in all dairy in that product. Perfect for a vegetarian like me happy That said, I am trying to find companies that produce cheese that are more ethical. Any suggestions? I'm all find with consuming dairy, but I don't want it to be from somewhere that they don't treat the animals well/lock them up in sheds sad

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
10 10 Jul 2012
It may as well be.  It does as much damage to the animals as the Rennet itself does.

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