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kitty toilet troubles

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Celia Kate Celia Kate VIC Posts: 22
1 19 Apr 2012
my cats toilet trained but for the last couple of weeks she has been weeing on towels and sheets and plastic. what do i do i need a quick fix before my dad gives her away

Kacey Michelle Kacey Michelle NSW Posts: 92
2 19 Apr 2012
Is her litter being changed regularly enough? Every time she poops you should take it and flush it down the toilet, and change it very often. When cats are toilet trained and not using their toilet it often means the conditions are too dirty for them. Try cleaning out the kitty litter tray more often.

weaselbritches weaselbritches WA Posts: 36
3 19 Apr 2012
It may be worth taking her to the vet - this is a sign of a urinary tract infection a lot of the time.

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
4 19 Apr 2012
Urinating in unusual places can often be a sign of stress. It takes very little to stress out a cat, has something recently changed? The hours you work? The placement of the furniture? A new human or animal in the house? My cat had abnormal urination patterns when his companion was separated from him, it wasn't that he had un-toilet trained himself, it was that he was suffering from separation anxiety.

As others have said, make sure the litter trays are always very clean. Remove feces and urinated litter. If there is too much urinated litter in my cat's litter box, he won't use it, the smell is too strong for him, so now I remove all urine soaked litter whenever I notice it. When the time comes to completely change the litter (usually twice a week) scrub the litter box completely.

Also mentioned above is that abnormal urination patterns can be a sign of urinary tract infections, consider taking your cat to the vet, as it will become extremely painful, and very expensive to treat if allowed to develop. My brother's cat just came back from having a UTI treated, and it set them back $3,000.

GoldAutumn GoldAutumn NSW Posts: 137
5 5 Jul 2012
Make sure the tray and litter is always clean. Take her to the vet to have her checked for UTI's, urinating in unusual places can be a sign that she is ill or stressed.

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
6 6 Jul 2012
We had the same problem with one of ours. He used the litter tray from day one, but suddenly started going to the toilet elsewhere, simply because he had to right there and then.

The fact your cat is making use of towels and such is a sign that he/she is trying their best to do the right thing. Off to the vet for you and your cat, explain the symptoms and hopefully you find a resolution soon.