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Annoying AntiVegan Brother

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Empathy Empathy United States Posts: 18
1 21 Apr 2012
e-e *fuming* any1 else with this/alike situation? i also find that its guys are usually the vegan haters. e-e dem porkloin lovers.

Empathy Empathy United States Posts: 18
2 21 Apr 2012
im not sexist btw XD

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
3 21 Apr 2012
my brother does that, he sits there going "mmmmmmm steak, so delicious" etc

AshleyJane AshleyJane QLD Posts: 17
4 21 Apr 2012
My sister is the same.
Every now and then she will come up to me with a bowl of ice cream of a steak sandwich and wave it infront of my face saying "yummy" and stuff.
I merely tell her im not all that appetised by corpses and gorgeous calves breast milk.

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
5 21 Apr 2012
Both my sisters ( 15 and 13 ) are veg as well happy so thankfully i have some1 in my family that understands my point of veiw tongue