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Vegan Handbags, Wallets etc

Is a local maker viable?

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Tegeran Tegeran VIC Posts: 25
11 10 May 2012
my mum and dad live in Tassie and they bought me a R.A.R.E bag for christmas last year (Re-use And Re-cycle Everything).
Its made out of anything that can be recycled - curtains, table clothes, clothes, etc.
They are expensive, but have awesome slogans on the bags promoting animal welfare and environmental issues etc
They're currently on the mainland (last i heard in QLD) doing markets.

Website is here if you want a squizz :

kendra1 kendra1 QLD Posts: 15
12 23 Aug 2018
StephyA said:

My friends, friend has a handbags line and I asked if she has thought about doing a vegan line. She replied that she has had a few people ask that and was wondering if it would be something people would buy. Whether there is a demand? Her stuff is colourful, stylish and practical. I for one find it hard to get pretty, colourful handbags etc in Melb. You can only really buy them online from the U.S.
So I ask you unleashers, if there was a locally made range of handbags, wallets etc would you purchase them? She has a shop and an online store.
i recommend you to buy amazon here are the list of some best wallets hope you will like it

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