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Vegan Tissues?

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JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
11 26 Apr 2012
This link will help out a little happy -

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
12 27 Apr 2012
Christina3 said:
The only tissues I have in my house are Kleenex, which are tested on animals (bought by my parents). Do you know of any vegan tissue brands that I can use?
you're about to sit down and watch Earthlings aren't you?

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
13 27 Apr 2012
Christina3 said:
I don't think it's owned by another company. I think that the chemicals they test on animals are probably used in a lot of their products :/ Besides, you don't really want to support a company that tests on animals anyway, regardless of whether the specific product has been tested. You sound like you're just hearing this? There are alternatives for Kleenex products like for toilet paper you can use Sorbent which is pretty much the same but not known to test on animals, but I haven't found an alternative for tissues yet.
If you're happy with Sorbent they make tissues too.. they should be easily available most anywhere.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
14 27 Apr 2012
I can't 100% re-call what the brand name was (I think it might of been Naturale)..they are recycled tissues and you know how tissue boxes usually have that annoying piece of plastic at the top that you have to rip off before you can recycle the box? Well these don't have that happy The box is all cardboard.
You can get them from Woolies and Coles.

Kylie15 Kylie15 NSW Posts: 1
15 17 Jun 2018
Hi there,

I found a company that makes cruelty free tissues called Seventh Generation and you can buy them in Australia!

I'm not sure if they are Vegan but they list all of their ingredients:

You can buy them from Bio Living

I hope this helps!

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