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from a fish and chip shop

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Banjie Love Banjie Love SA Posts: 2
1 4 May 2012
I am new here.. I have been a vegetarian for a couple of years but stumbled across this website recently and realised vegan was the way to go.   So I have now been vegan for about a week.
My first question! Do you think it is okay to get chips from a fish and chip shop where the same oil is used to fry fish and that? Obviously It is best that I make my own but sometimes a bag of chips after work is just the easiest, cheapest and tastiest thing

Rowan011 Rowan011 WA Posts: 92
2 4 May 2012
I always avoided Chips from Fish & Chips shops as they may use animal fats in the oils and also use the same oil to cook fish... I suppose unless you could see what they were doing and confirm it was vegetable oil before you bought it.

vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
3 4 May 2012
no way...u need to find a chip shop that cookes their chips in seperate oil.....and its ur lucky day depending on were in live.....the stunned mullet at henley beach is the best shop for hot chips...also there is a takeaway shop at sema4 it is a chicken shop thou they cut and pre cook all there chips in vegitable oil...also a shop at pt norlunga[might be spelt wrong]they are also good at a shop at mcclaren vale if ur out for a drive...also have great vegie do the stunned mullet and vegie yiros...hope this help happy

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
4 4 May 2012
Personally I wouldn't eat it. I would hate to think the taste of fish would potentially be on my chips.

Another thing you might want to check is that the chips aren't cooked in beef tallow. A lot of them sadly are.

I steer clear unless I make them myself or go to a vegie place that ensures theres no beef tallow involved.

vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
5 4 May 2012
all the shops i just wrote about use vegie oil and cook seperate from the fish

Ashlyn Ashlyn WA Posts: 104
6 4 May 2012
you can always tell if chips have been fried in a deep fryer along with meat,they've got that beefy meat taste.its quite revolting.i always ask dif places if they have a chip fryer .that is only used for chips.

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
7 4 May 2012
It's been my experience just asking around that chips are rarely cooked in beef tallow anymore. Not even McD's does it.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
8 4 May 2012
From experience most fish and chip shops use a vegetable/animal blend. I asked about 4 different shops when I was out and wanted something to eat, and all of them used around 30% animal fat!

Lotus Eater Lotus Eater QLD Posts: 60
9 7 May 2012
Does it really matter if the chips are fried in the same oil? We don't eat meat not because we don't physically want to digest it, but because we want to reduce the demand for meat and therefore the amount of animals exploited; it shouldn't really matter if we consume some tiny fish particles. If you disagree with me I look forward to hearing your reasoning.

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
10 8 May 2012
Speaking personally for myself- Uuuummmm well I am definitely one person that disagrees with you , sure I don't want animals to be treated badly and I don't agree we should eat them but I sure as hell don't want to either -  eeeeeww !!!! Plus I think it's bad for me therefore don't want to digest it at all! (If you for some reason do not know why already perhaps you could do your own research - googles great!) ! I also think chips done in the same oil as other products can take on a strange taste like fish etc and I'll pass on that . But hey like everything else each to their own. happy  I like to make my own at home , although we mostly use the oven, a little home deep fryer is on my list of things to purchase , just for those times I want a treat! Yum yum.

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