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Anti-fur Protest on the 12th of May In Melbourne CBD

Come one, come all!

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Thylacine Thylacine VIC Posts: 15
1 5 May 2012
Crazy animal activist superheroes The Fauna Fighters are taking it to KOOKAI and DAVID LAWRENCE to tell them that fur in Melbourne is unacceptable!!/events/447112665315975/

We're asking people to come and stand around watching in support as I rail on 'em. We have a well filled petition and will be filming all for future prosperity. Please show us some support!

Saturday the 12 of May on Collins Street.

Thylacine Thylacine VIC Posts: 15
2 5 May 2012
PM me for further details!

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
3 6 May 2012
Excellent! Fur is coming out of the closet lately due to the crappiness that is Melbourne weather, so it's definitely going to be a hot topic.

How exactly are you going to 'rail on 'em'?

P.S. Please don't use all capital letters in thread titles.

Thylacine Thylacine VIC Posts: 15
4 6 May 2012
Oh, by 'rail' I mean do nothing more than reveal the truth about where the products come from and how they're sourced. Truth speaks louder than anything else.


Sorry about the caps!

EmmaPaige EmmaPaige VIC Posts: 14
5 6 May 2012
I'm moving that weekend but am going to try my darndest to make it out for a few hours...x

FlyingFox FlyingFox VIC Posts: 5
6 6 May 2012
We will be on Collins Street after 3pm and the peaceful protest will only take about an hour.
Please come down and help gather signatures and hand out information pamphlets.
If you are on Facebook please invite yourself to our online event:

There has been an influx of fur items on Collins street and we want to let them know this brutality is not needed!
'Animals subjected to the horrors of the fashion industry are beaten, stomped, tortured and skinned alive. This is not something that the city of Melbourne can support. We, like every nation on earth have to fight for the voiceless kingdom and say NO to the fur trade! Boycott department stores that sell fur! Starve them and their suppliers of profit until this evil industry is extinct!'
rabbit For the animals!

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
7 6 May 2012
The day in the original post is now fixed.

no more no more Australia Posts: 46
8 7 May 2012
ill do my best to be there happy

follz follz NSW Posts: 105
9 7 May 2012
A very good essay worth reading which is relevant to this discussion:


Melia Melia VIC Posts: 7
10 7 May 2012
See you there!