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Allergy help

what to dooooo

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ok ok NSW Posts: 232
1 8 May 2012
Hi guys

Im allergic to cats, and sometimes dogs.

I was seriously considering getting the allergy inoculations done so I would no longer be allergic (and one day able to adopt a fur friend) but am now thinking its not ethical to do so as they are inoculating you with the real thing (i think like a flu shot) so im guessing that means animals are used to develop the treatment..

Does anyone know about this? how it works? if its vegan?

Just when you think you have found the answer a tricky question pops up!!!

Tegeran Tegeran VIC Posts: 25
2 10 May 2012
no idea about being allergic to animals (thankfully, i'm not myself) but i do foster for a rescue group  in melbourne, and i was lucky enough to foster 2 Cornish Rex's.
Any of the Rex breeds (and a few other specific breeds, Abyssinian etc) are considered "hypo-allergenic", due to their fur.
They've only got the dander, not the hair like standard cats have (making them ridiculously soft!!)  happy
Its actually the saliva that contains the allergen, and because cats lick themselves and shed the hair, people are convinced its the hair that makes them allergic. So the Rex breeds are wonderful as they have little fur to shed, and its more like soft wool type fluff. I love it - and perfect to snuggle with on a cold night happy

Anyway, the moral of this story if you still want a furry friend, have a look into one of the Rex breeds.
They can be stupidly expensive, but if you go to shelters or rescue groups they may have a couple in care (we still have one in care right now).