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Vegan blackforest cake?

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le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
1 5 Jun 2012
I'm looking for a recipe for black forest cake, that's vegan friendly. It's my grandmother's 70th birthday over the weekend and we're having a family dinner, lol. My mum was going to order one from the patisserie, but I offered to make one.. Catch is, I don't have a recipe, and many that I've come across seem really.. odd. Does anyone have any tried and tested recipes for it? Or at least one that makes sense? :O

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
2 5 Jun 2012
I rarely cook anything off a vegan recipe. I just look for in this instance "black forest cake" and subsitute all the ingredients to make it vegan.
You'll probably find a recipe much easier this way.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
3 6 Jun 2012
This chocolate cake recipe is awesome!

Then you could just use soyatoo whipping cream instead of normal cream? Or you could make a mock cream using nuttelex, icing sugar, vanilla and a little milk.
Similar to this:

And of course the cherries are already vegan wink

cassie2 cassie2 VIC Posts: 204
4 6 Jun 2012
i got a recipe from the roots of compassion website.

170 grams plain flour
170 grams of sugar
60 grams cocoa
baking powder
1 tbsp cider vinegar
110 grams veg oil
220 water or soy milk

for the filling
250-300 g cherries
vanilla pudding mix soy milk
2tbsp sugar

2 tbsp corn flour
1 tsp vanilla extract
60 grams margarine
140ml soy milk
70 grams dark chocolate

mix dry ingredients in a bowl add the wet and stir until mixed
pour into greased tin bake for 35-40  mins 190 degrees

in the meantime do the pudding mix as the package says, when cold add cherries and mix.

cool cake tin, then turn onto a plate slice in half spread with most of cherry pudding filling
place the top layer back on top like a sandwitch.

now for topping. mix corn flour with soy and vanilla bring to boil stirring constanly. cool
beat margarine into mix with a fork or use electric mix then decorate with chocolate.

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