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'Vegan' Mouthwash!

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reddapanda reddapanda ACT Posts: 381
21 11 Oct 2014
Thanks for this forum discussion.

Shampoo and conditioner I'm pretty sorted on. Easy to get ones that are okay with my hair -- sukin brand, for instance. I tried the sukin deoderant, no good for me: Made my armpits feel like they were burning and then they streamed with sweat (when I wasn't doing anything active). Not exactly what one wants from a deoderant!

I'd prefer a clear deoderant (to the ones that are white and pastey) because they don't mark clothes as much (not an issue if the clothes are white but if they're dark, not so good). Tbc.

Teeari Teeari NSW Posts: 1
22 5 Feb 2015
Grants of Australia have both a vegan mouthwash and crystal deodorant and sell these products in most Go Vita Health Shops, selected Coles and also available online at Discount Health Foods

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