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injured/poisoned pest birds

how to deal with them?

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Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
1 1 Jul 2012
Today i found some sparrows in the bottom of a bin in the loading dock at work, I boxed them up, brought them home thinking i'd take them to the vet to be euthanized tomorrow. In hindsight they look to have been poisoned. Sparrows live at my work which is in a large warehouse that contained a large amount of animal foods and some gets spilt, and they poo on stock, so obviously management hates them.

I have a few Qs

Vets: should you take sick/injured pest birds into them? or do they hate that?

anyone know any of the welfare policies in regards to sick and injured non-natives?

I appreciate anyones help!

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
2 1 Jul 2012
Lars said:
Vets: should you take sick/injured pest birds into them? or do they hate that?
Yes you should take any sick animal to the vet. A Myna bird was injured recently outside of my house (everyone has a vendetta against Mynas!) and I walked her up to the vet. The vet nurse said that they euthanise and bury them; she did not mention any distinction in this procedure which was dependent on "pest" or native bird. It would be unethical if they did. Pain is pain, no matter what label we place on them.

GoldAutumn GoldAutumn NSW Posts: 137
3 14 Jul 2012
I don't care what kind of animal it is, if i find something injured i take it right to the vet!

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
4 14 Jul 2012
Oh Only one if the birds ended up dying, the rest were fine!! The birds were baited. My manager was kind of shocked that our dock guy would behave so calouslly and so made a deal with the vet behind us if we find them in that condition to take them to them and they will euthanize them.


Andrewxxx Andrewxxx VIC Posts: 272
5 15 Jul 2012
We've had a few injured sparrows around our house and we get poisoned rats in the back yard occasionally too. I just kill them. It's far more humane than stressing them out further by taking them to the vets for them to do the same thing.