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New to Veg

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HopeConnolly HopeConnolly WA Posts: 15
1 1 Jul 2012
Hello Everyone happy

I am new to this forum. What brought me here is because of two books I read recently called The China Study and Eating Animals . I'm sure many of you would be familiar with the latter book. So heart breaking, broke down in tears three times... If that wasn't enough to turn me off eating meat forever I then sought out videos on factory farming on youtube and watched them, and turned into a bit of a blubbering mess. Probably guilt over being such a big meat eater.

To be fair, I don't think I'm going to have difficulty never eating meat again, or dairy... Eggs, well I need to expand my recipe knowledge base first I think.

For now I have a couple of challenges:
1. I have no idea what nutrients/ vitamins/ (and whatever else) the human body needs and where to get those nutrients from. Does anyone know of any good / easy to use books?

2. I will die if I have to eat salads. I've got some vege patties/ snitzels/ sausages (all frozen / packaged) tried only one so far, it was good, but loaded with sodium as most packages foods are. I did make tacos with veg + beans instead of mince and it was great..... So any recipe books for warm / hearty kind of veg dishes? ....  oh and by veg I mean veg... not say Pastas that don't have meat LOL

3. My man is a meat eater. Already we've bumped heads over this. If I be perfectly honest with myself... the problem is not really him accepting me going Veg.... More me accepting his lack of interest in what I discovered in the books I read.... Any relationship advice on how to navigate around this while respecting myself/ new choices and also respecting him and his choices.

Thanks for reading and for any advice / encouragement you may offer.


Chicken Legs Chicken Legs VIC Posts: 72
2 1 Jul 2012
relationship advice ............
before you kiss him, make him wash his mouth ....
meat breath EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWIES! ecstatic

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
3 1 Jul 2012
Hey there happy welcome to the light. .... Lol well anywhooo so many questions! I'll just have my say about a couple and let others share in the replies too :p. first relationship - this along with everything else will be a step by step process and anything could change at any time. But if it's good enough and worth it I'd start by sitting down and having a serious discussion, I'd say ok so for now can we both just understand that we are on different pages and whilst I'll try my hardest not to be a pain in the bum if u can try your hardest to support me and realise that even if I am wrong about this that my intentions and heart are in the right places and just TRY to listen to what I have to share with you and then I'll try to understand u r allowed a different view.  Thing is he doesnt have to agree with u but if he loves u i believe he should support u in doing something u feel is right and something that means a lot to u. I guess first whilst the hope that he will one day follow u will never go away the fact is he may just never make that connection like some of us do and then depending on where ure up to with ur own journey u will decide if that works for u or not - there are soooo many vegetarians and vegans with omni partners and they make it work (some). But also keep in mind (one thing I always found hard to remember) that most of us and u were there too once upon a time, my partner knew the bad stuff but one day something just "clicked" so he tells me. This is not really a view that can be forced UNFORTUNATELY!! Lol happy

Food and stuff - massive learning process , I promise it gets easier and easier but Ull also be left thinking it was never as hard as u thought..just is a little to begin with while ure working out what u like and can eat ... Vegetables vegetables vegetables fruit fruit fruit!!!! Lol I lived on veges and Mac n cheese the first 20 years of life (possible exaggeration but hope u get my point) and theres nothing wrong with me .... Whilst I'd never touch cheese again - except CHEEZLEYS Yummo haha I have tried so many new things in the last 8 years and I'm still getting better and better with foods all the time. Take a veg friendly multi v if u like even just to start with happy

All the best it's awesum ure finding a compassion for things u never knew u had and even for yourself - veg is the healthy way happy  just always ALWAYS remember don't listen to anyone being negative about ur choices - ure doing a great thing and if ure ever not sure about something research it! Or ask here lol.
Hope I've helped even a little x o x o

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
4 2 Jul 2012
Haha don't worry! You don't have to live off salads! Vegan's eat the best food around! You should give my website a squizz for some recipe's and info on what's vegan at places like Baker's Delight, Wendy's etc. Tomorrow I'll be adding a recipe which is practically the vegan version of the meat pie. It's delish! Sorry didn't mean to make that sound so much like an ad. haha
happy Congratulations on going veg!

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
5 3 Jul 2012
Chicken Legs said:
relationship advice ............
before you kiss him, make him wash his mouth ....
meat breath EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWIES! ecstatic
OMG.... I will never date a meat eater again but when i did.... floss, brush and mouthwash otherwise don't come near me.  heehee

HopeConnolly HopeConnolly WA Posts: 15
6 3 Jul 2012
Thank you Lisa! I always have about a gallizon questions in my head at any point which is pretty much  has led me new changes and this site... You make a very good point about only 4 weeks ago I was eating meat and had no idea about factory farming. My man is sensitive, genuine and caring.... but he doesn't share my love for reading and making changes all the time!

We have come to a kinda happy medium where... I will no longer cook meat for him... And he's agreed that instead of buying meat form the store, he'll source it from a private farm possibly... Sad but better than supporting factory farming... And we've decided to get some laying hens who will be spoiled just like my dog and 2 cats..

What is your website Kirsty? I am doing my online shopping now so I am looking for recipes as we speak!