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Brisbane peeps

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Kishi Kishi QLD Posts: 14
1 4 Jul 2012
Hey there everyone happy

I'm pretty new to this site and this is my first post on here. I'm looking for anyone in the Brisbane area who would be interested in forming an activist group. I'm not looking at making this group about sadness and fear - I know that the messages we're trying to get across are often times sad, and that people should be scared of the world they've created sometimes. But in watching activism groups and being a part of many, I feel like that approach whilst it may speak the truth, does not achieve what we need to achieve.

I want to make an activist and education group that is focused on showing people the happy and healthy benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. I want people to walk away from an experience with this group feeling like they're happier and their world is a little brighter.

However, aside from the educational focus of the group - I also want people who aren't afraid to take some risks and get their hands dirty.

So, if there's anyone in the area who would be interested or if you know anyone in the Brisbane area (Brisbane for now...) that would be interested, let me know happy

xx peace out


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