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Milk? You don't need it.

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Ron Ron NSW Posts: 233
1 8 Jul 2012

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
2 8 Jul 2012
~"What’s clear is that the widespread existence of lactose intolerance, says Dr. Baker, is “a pretty good sign that we’ve evolved to drink human milk when we’re babies but have no need for the milk of any animals."

What is wrong with logic in this place.... ""we evolved to drink human milk and thus have no need for milk of any animals.""

WE ARE ANIMALS.. that is what the understanding of evolution should bring for 1.
and secondly .... ... they still think we were people before we were people... 'I shall now evolve to drink milk from my mother'.. *transformer wuck wucka sound.

~"...8-ounce glasses of milk, “nature’s perfect food,” every day. That’s two pounds! We don’t consume two pounds a day of anything else; even our per capita soda consumption is “only” a pound a day."

.   -     0

I mean if a nutrition-less carbon-dioxide sugar fluid is only drunk half as much as Milk.. there must be something wrong. Probably helps burp these babies.. ingesting every over processed and 'naturalized' thing known to man.

I mean you start with water or actual milk... you end up with soda... or bleach. It has thus been naturalized for the people. It is now as American as this statement:

"..helpfully suggests that those people drink lactose-free beverages. (To its credit, it now counts soy milk as “dairy."

They don't even know what Dairy is. Who is going to help them avoid it...

This is why they get so hysterical when someone says they can't do something, they don't even know what a thing is... so you're basically telling them to give up their identify and flag... if told not to do something which makes them ill.

Maybe it needs to be told to them by the same source they get all this flood of encouragement from. Someone making money shamelessly at others expense. Like it is going out of fashion.

GoldAutumn GoldAutumn NSW Posts: 137
3 8 Jul 2012
Thanks for the info, i shared that link on my Ditch Dairy Day event on facebook happy!/events/464037486959490/

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
4 19 Jul 2012
Mmm, another good read in the case against dairy is The China Study. I cannot support this book enough. It's undeniable, hard scientific evidence that veganism can prevent and even reverse some of the most prevalent and deadly diseases in our world.

There's a very in-depth section about dairy that explains why humans are so addicted to it, how it's bad for us, and how it can actually CAUSE rather than PREVENT osteoporosis.

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
5 19 Jul 2012
I always find it funny when people think milk is necessary in ones diet. They seem to forget how we were never meant to drink milk, and how wrong it is this completely unnatural and unhealthy part of many humans diets continues.

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
6 19 Jul 2012
My two cents:

Milk is disgusting! I haven't been able to drink it since I was very young. It's not an intolerance thing, it just tastes horrible and the texture is wrong.