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For the ladies... Any changes in cycle?

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HopeConnolly HopeConnolly WA Posts: 15
1 9 Aug 2012
So since June 21 I stopped eating all flesh completely, still eat eggs and cheese but have switched to soy milk for cooking, cereal and tea/ coffee etc. I am eating a lot of veges - so haven't just replaced meat with say, pasta or anything.

Since that time I had my period not long after I went veg, then nothing.... So I'm about 2 weeks late. I usually have a cycle of 26 days with a 6 day period and it is like clockwork. I've had achy boobs leading up to when I should have my period (which usually happens) but no period followed. Took a pregnancy test, which was negative.

My man suggested it could be going off meat. So off to google I went and I found an abudance of blog articles about missing periods associated with going veg. Many say they have become irregular or non-existent, others say it's stayed the same. I've read that some on a raw food diet don't get a period and view what I'd classify as a normal period as toxic, claiming your body re-obsorbs the cells if they are in good order... And of course there are those people that say skipping periods is a sign of malnutrition and just their usual negative argument for eating animals.... So it's safe to say I'm not able to get consistent information.

I have phoned my doctors surgery and asked if they have any female doctors who are Veg - and I have an appointment late next week.... I figure I don't want to continue seeing my doctor if they are a meat eater because, well.. you know..

Anyway.... In the mean time I thought I would ask the ladies.... WHat has been your experience with your periods and your diet? Do you know if it's possible that a missed period still happened but it's so light you barley notice? Has anyone on here had this happened and still fallen pregnant?  

To be honest it probably wouldn't bother me so much, but I am 32 and hope to look at getting pregnant in the next year and I want to track my cycle because of this.

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
2 9 Aug 2012
It didn't happen for me personally, but I've heard of it happening before. It doesn't take much to throw your cycle off course- stress can make me two or three weeks late. Maybe it's just your body adjusting to your new lifestyle?

Most people I know who had this problem said that their cycle re-regulated itself after about two periods.