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Pet fox?

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Trinitygrl Trinitygrl NSW Posts: 2
1 10 Aug 2012
I have read a few posts on ppl asking if you can legally keep a pet fox in Australia. Well... I have a pet fox we found in a rabbit trap at 6weeks old, he's a year old now, healthy and beautiful. He is quite tame, loves being patted and is happy to be carried to and from his cage he is super playful too. He is of course a wild animal, so you don't try to touch him at food time or if you have food smells on your hand. Oh and his cage needs to be kept very clean or it stinks!! He loves a treat of ppl biscuits when he's out of the cage on his harness and long leash, but we never leave him alone unless he slipped it and got away. Of course we keep it pretty quiet because it's not legal but I'd love to get a lisence for him because we worry about him getting sick and not having a vet to take him to for vaccinations etc.. I feel that I have no choice but to keep him, I can't let him go,, apart from the damage he is capable of, he wouldn't survive on his own. I have no idea where I could place him if I did look for a new home for him, I think he would be put down unless some zoo or something wanted him. What do we do? We couldn't have left him there and he doesn't deserve to die for being a fox. Ideas??

z1 z1 VIC Posts: 535
2 10 Aug 2012
there is a fox not far from me who is tame. Eats out of peoples hands.
There are also a few near albert park lake that come right up to you.

Russians are trying to domesticate foxes. The strange thing is, they have started barking. Foxes are not canines.

Just keep doing what your doing. The best you can do is give them a chance they wouldn't otherwise have. Like you said, he'd be dead already if it wasnt for you

dazza dazza NSW Posts: 1
3 2 Oct 2012
Kids found a baby fox,size of a kitten,they want to keep it as a pet,Rang my local Pasture Protection Board Ranger in Mudgee NSW on 2/10/2012 I was  told they are a nuisance animal and not on the pest animal list and even though its not recommended to keep them as a pet there is currently no law or special licence required in NSW against keeping them.

Apian Apian NSW Posts: 2
4 21 Nov 2013
There is a fox rescue organisation that is based in Sydney. They also let you adopt foxes (already vaccinated, spayed or neutered)

They can help happy

Apian Apian NSW Posts: 2
5 21 Nov 2013
According to the Sydney Fox rescue site, it is legal to keep a fox without a license ONLY IN NSW. However it also states there may be some special cases:

"Does Fox Rescue Sydney allow people outside of New South Wales to adopt foxes?
No. It is illegal to keep foxes outside New South Wales. While we are aware that this means foxes in other states may have to be euthanised we do not condone breaking the law and will continue to lobby to have the laws changed over time.
It may be possible in some rare cases to obtain commercial or research permits to keep foxes in both Queensland and Victoria. Please contact your state government office of National Parks and wildlife for further information regarding this matter. "

Charlie3 Charlie3 NSW Posts: 2
6 24 Nov 2013
Hi I'm a volunteer with Sydney Fox Rescue, please give us a call. Foxes are not the pet for everyone and getting your kit to our Sydney shelter for proper veterinary care is most likely the best option. Our vet will vaccinate and desex him/her and if you are a NSW resident interested in adopting and caring for the kit long term we can then advise on an adequate enclosure and diet etc.

Please note if you are interstate you will need to bring the fox over the NSW border for admission to Sydney Fox Rescue, I need to advise you it is illegal to keep foxes in all other states and can attract a $7000-20,000 fine.


Charlie3 Charlie3 NSW Posts: 2
7 24 Nov 2013
Also there are no pre-existing permit systems except for research animals in other states.

Avril1 Avril1 QLD Posts: 1
8 27 Aug 2017
Hello, I'd love a fox.
Just make sure he is desexed.
And he will become far more tame without the hormones and not smell so much. Get onto these people for help.
Don't forget flea treatment and watch for ticks...
It's bullshit that they won't domesticate them like cats and dogs.
What's the difference from a cat or a dog. They too are feral.
But macabre humans love legal ways to be cruel. Like farming and tourturing foxes in leg traps. So hold onto him tightly...don't forget tatoo in ear to prove desexing.