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Scientists Finally Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings

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Bright eyes33 Bright eyes33 NSW Posts: 64
2 12 Aug 2012
its sad because the majority of people to share this news with wont care... they will just make some statement about the food chain or its needed for our own survival and completely ignore the fact that i am everything they say is impossible...

Debaybay Debaybay QLD Posts: 39
3 12 Aug 2012
Herp derp. Anyone who's a 'conscious' human will know that other animals have emotions and are intelligent too..

z1 z1 VIC Posts: 535
4 13 Aug 2012
I'd like to know their prior belief, and at what point they believe that humans became "conscious". Like, when our species could no longer breed with other primates such as chimps, did we magically become conscious? Or was it when primates began walking upright.
And how do they know humans are conscious. We might just be computer programs.

Sometimes academics believe some pretty stupid shit.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
5 13 Aug 2012
Didn't we already know this? Heck yeah we did.